BB15: Episode 33 [SPOILERS] and 9/11, Take a Moment

11 Sep

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing tonight?

9/11, take a moment.

It’s BB Night… and, Eviction Night? Er. uhum wait did I miss something? Is it Wednesday or Thursday? lksdfkls

Ginamarie is acting this up, I think maybe crying? After the noms. Acting to make McCrae think that she’s the target so he won’t play as hard in the VETO.

Andy does not want McCrae to win the VETO, of course.

Spencer tells Judd that he will be the replacement nominee if McCrae wins the Veto, and Spencer says that Ginamarie will probably go home.

McCrae and Ginamarie are now no longer tied together!

Spencer is now talking to McCrae, trying to ease him into having nothing to worry about in the Veto competition. He’s safe, no matter what, or whatever.

Andy says that he and McCrae and Spencer could be the Final Three.

McCrae doesn’t trust anyone, and he wants to take himself off the block and win the Veto.

Commercial break


People are in spandex


lol Ginamarie said that he looks better in person

The magnets only last for twenty seconds, and you have to press the button that magnetizes it. When the button goes off, your puzzle will fall off from the magnet board, and if you don’t go back to press the button with the -seconds that you have, then you will be out of the Comp.

This is so intense: Andy vrs. McCrae, pretty much. McCrae could’ve won it, but the colours weren’t right, first.


I REALLY hope that Judd won’t be the replacement nominee! Why not Andy? Please, he has been ticking me off a lot these past few episodes.

Commercial break

Spencer wants Ginamarie to stay. He trusts her way more than Judd.

Spencer says that he has her back.

Judd says that he’s going home to Spencer. Spencer tells him that he wants Spencer to go home. Judd is asking him to put up Andy, and Judd says in the DR that Andy had put  up Spencer just a few weeks ago.

Judd is so mad about the situation. Knowing that he could be evicted again, makes him so mad. He is fingering the camera.

Now he is hitting the walls with his shirt, now walking along shirtless.

Veto Meeting

Judd is on the block

Before McCrae finishes the Veto Meeting,

Judd says that he is still after McCrae, and he won’t go after the rest of the house. Only McCrae. So he probably just lost McCrae’s vote.


“Wowzers”. – McCrae.

Veto Meeting is adjourned.


Commercial break


Judd said that he’s after McCrae, but would appreciate his vote LOL and then his smile after, oh gosh, so cute

Andy ; Judd … is Andy crying again?

McCrae ; Judd

😦 Juddy. Judd the Studd. 😦

I think that Judd gave McCrae his Bible, keep it to himself?

Tells them all before he leaves, “Good luck, keep Andy and Spencer around”


Judd had left him (McCrae) a message in the Bible, hopes that he will do well. He hopes for Ginamarie to win out of the group, lol. He had really underestimated her, and has seen that she’s really loyal.

Judd does not regret working with Elissa. He says that working with her is so hard, and her mind changes like every fie minutes lol

“Exterminator” -action sweep-

Judd thinks that Andy voted him out because they trusted them more than him, and they should trust her more lol


Ginamarie – You’re a stud

Spencer – “Sorry”

McCrae – “Sorry, wanted to keep you, needs to work with them in the future, take care”

Andy – is crying. “best friend”

lol Judd is laughing at Andy lol, “never seen a guy cry that much”

Commercial break

“Before or After” is the HoH Comp.

Q1: Everyone is right, one point apiece

Q2: Ginamarie has two points, the guys have one point, still

Q3: Everyone is right

Q4: Everyone is right

Q5: Everyone is right

Q6: McCrae got it right, Andy has four, Ginamarie and McCrae have five each

Q7: lol Andy got it right, three-way tie

NUMBER ANSWER: In seconds, how long was the super-Veto comp from the starting horn, to McCrae pressing his buzzer for the win?

McCrae – 2010


Andy is the HoH oh my gosh lol my sister must be soo pissed right now, she doesn’t like Andy and I don’t really much, either


I don’t know how to feel like I am just like, uhum

… but good job for him, but I’m not a fan of his much…

Commercial break

NEXT WEDNESDAY is the BB Finale, I thinkkk

Thanks for reading this, you guys! How did you guys react to Andy winning?

Talk to you guys later 😮


– Louise

P.S. Thank-you SO so much for 1154 HITS… wow. That’s amazing. THANK-YOU SO SO MUCH!



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