BB15: Episode 30 [SPOILERS!]

4 Sep

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing today?

Wowzas. Please, check out my “P.S.”‘s below! I would appreciate it! Thank-you!

It’s BB Night!

Amanda said that she was completely blindsided, and she wanted to be the first showmance to make it to the end.

McCrae said that everything was going so good.

Elissa is excited, and “super impressed” with Ginamarie.

Amanda thinks that Spencer was behind it. She is “pissed” and “confued”. She thinks that Judd, Spencer, Elissa, and Ginarmarie, are working together.

Now Amanda is confronting Spencer. and Andy. She’s trying to make sense of the situation.

She calls Ginamarie a “liar”.

Now she is going to her HoH Room.

Now Amanda is over-reacting.

Ginamarie told Amanda that Elissa wanted Amanda out.

Judd says that they’re screaming at each other.

Amanda says that she could not believe that she had listened to Elissa. She keeps on referring to Nick and Aaryn, but Ginamarie said that she had taken her off the block. She keeps on saying that it doesn’t make sense. and Ginamarie says that she thinks that it was good game move.

Judd said that Judd would go up basically, and now he is yelling at Amanda, and Amanda is walking away.

Now she’s in the kitchen. Amanda doesn’t want to be in the House anymore. Now she’s crying. She’d rather go home now. She can’t “be with these people”.

Judd- “Love you too”. LOL

Amanda is now crying in the Have-Not room. She keeps on wanting to know why Ginamarie did not put up Elissa.

McCrae says that it would’ve been so cool to make it to the end with Amanda.

amanda doesn’t want to be away from him. She spent like every minute with him for like 2 1/2 months. She loves McCrae, a 24 year old pizza boy.

McCrae loves him, too. He’s crying in the DR.

Amanda didn’t see this coming at all, the blindside from last day.

Commercial break

Amanda and Andy are talking in the storage room now, and she is crying now, I think, and Andy tells her stay “calm and collected”.

Elissa is listening at the door.

Elissa says listening to what people are saying behind a door is “awkward”.

Spencer arrives, and Elissa mouths him that Andy and Amanda are talking.

Judd, Elissa, and Andy, Amanda wants to break them up.

Amanda is pissed, and goes over to McCrae, slamming the storage door.

McCrae calls Elissa “stupid”.

VETO Picks:

Ginamarie, McCrae, and Amanda


HG Choice from Amanda: Spencer


The chicken costumes can come off, now! Woooo!

Spencer wants to keep the nominations the same. Amanda didn’t want Andy to make the decision

Elissa tells Judd that she doesn’t trust Andy, and she feels like he’s “working both sides of the house”. She’s very “suspicious of Andy and where his loyalties lie”. She feels that she has “good reason”, because he had voted Helen out.

Judd tells Andy that Elissa had felt that he was working both sides of the House.

Andy doesn’t want to be Elissa’s target.

Andy tells Ginamarie about what Elissa had said, and she says that she had understood, because when Andy had been picked for the Veto, Amanda had been like, “Ohh, yes”.

Andy can almost smell the final four.

The Exterminators first target is McCranda, and then Elissa.

Commercial break


It’s a bowling competition. in tutu’s.

Round 1 ; Amanda vrs. Elissa

The have to spin around fifteen times.

Elissa says that it is so challenging.

Amanda has one pin left. Elissa has three.

Amanda won the round, and she threw up, after?

Andy vrs. Amanda.

1. He can tell Amanda after that he threw it

2. He can be back in Elissa’s good graces

3. He can tell Ginamarie that he had tried.

Andy is like not even trying… he’s like leisurely waltzing in. It’s like so obvious that he is throwing the competition.

Amanda wins the round.

Elissa is surprised by her competition.

Ginamarie chooses Amanda.

Ginamarie is a dancer, and she does a lot of pirouettes.

Amanda wins the round.

Andy’s like, “we left our fate in the hands of Spencer” lol


lol McCrae vrs. Spencer soo funny

Elissa “this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen”

“He has bowlerina” – Ginamarie, lol

Oh my gosh

McCrae won

Amanda vrs. McCrae noww… oh, wow. I would much rather keep McCrae, than Amanda… I can stand him more than her…

Commercial break

McCrae spinning around lol

This competition is intense. Elissa is rooting for McCrae.

Andy says that it’s “heartbreaking to watch”, because they love each other so much.






Amanda is now crying. I think

McCrae has won the Veto

He says that it’s a shame that Amanda won’t be in the game anymore. He is clearly upset about this.

Amanda says that her game is over. and her experience is over. This, and music playing, it is really sad.

however, I know that a large majority of America is happy with Amanda now going homee, but that was sad! It was so intense, too 😮

Commercial break

Amanda tells Amanda that he did “really good”. She had hurt her hand while playing. She didn’t know why Andy picked her. She says that her Game is over.

Ginamarie will not put up Elissa, because Elissa had taken her off the block.

Either Judd, Spencer, or Andy will go up in McCrae’s place.

If McCrae uses the Veto on Amanda…

Amanda says that Ginamarie shouldn’t even be in the game

Judd doesn’t feel comfortable to be put back up on the block, because he had been evicted already once…

… Amanda says that McCrae and her had tried very well. She lost by one person in one second by one pin, and doesn’t want McCrae to use the Veto on her.

McCrae uses the Veto on himself. He says, “sorry” to Amanda.

Ginamarie’s replacement nominee is: Spencer.

Spencer and Amanda have been up before! :O McCrae kicks the Veto box closed.

McCrae has a lot of regrets.

Amanda says that there is a strong possibility that she will be going home.

Spencer is the HG that has been up like seven times on the block- BB History?

Thanks for reading this!

– Louise


P.P.S. Due to school being back in session officially today, I don’t know if I will be able to keep on posting on BB Nights if I have homework, or essays, or something like that. I am sorry if that happens, but for now, please at-least hope to expect me to make a Post! Thank-you! I just wanted to apologize in advance, if that is the case.

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