BB15: Episode 28 [SPOILERS!]

29 Aug

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing?

It’s BB Night!

Aaryn or Andy? We’ll see who leave the BB House tonight.

Aaryn has a feeling that she is going to go home.

Andy is freaking out that he is on the block. He now has a new plan for himself that doesn’t involve Amanda and McCrae

Aanda is now trying to talk to Elissa, and Elissa is not talking to her. Amanda tells her that she is very threatening and scary. She asks her how many doctors that she went to see about her face.

You’re just a bully, Amanda.

Amanda asks Andy why everyone likes Elissa

Spencer tells Amanda to chill out.

Andy says that Amanda’s behaviour towards Elissa is appalling. He says that he’s not gonna talk game with peoples.

Amanda says that if she sees anyone talking to Elissa, they’re her target. What the flip! Amanda, you need to go, you’re a bully

Ginamarie and Judd and Spencer and Andy are talking now.

Ginamarie wants Amanda outs, and thinks that she is “psychotic”.

Spencer doesn’t like Amanda’s behaviour “repulsive”.

They want to get rid of some “snakes”. They are now an alliance called the “Exterminators”, I think.

Amanda wants Aaryn to stay, and Amanda trusts Andy more.

Aaryn is really sad and upset and angry that she did so much to stay in the house, and now she thinks that she is going home. Amanda is crying and now hugging Aaryn.

Ginamarie really wish that she had won the Veto.

Ginamarie tells Aaryn that she has her vote.

Aaryn wants to get Spencer and Judd’s vote.

Aaryn is now talking to them.

Spencer has concerns with her loyalty, he tells them about being the 3AM alliance.

Judd and Spencer said that they are going to think about it.

Aaryn says that she will throw people under the bus if that is what she has to do.

Aaryn is now talking to Amanda and McCrae, throwing Spencer and Andy under the bus, I think.

Amanda calls Spencer over, asks him about this, and Spencer calls it “ridiculous”. Aaryn says that it is “obvious” that he is lying.

Amanda knows that Spencer is lying 100%.

She says that she will be loyal to Amanda and McCrae


The player/players who finish last in the HoH, win a bunny suit/chicken for 48 hours. CHICKEN BECAUSE EVERYONE WAS SO SCARED TO TAKE OUT AMANDA AND MCCRAE

Commercial break

Dan’s take on the game: He says that Amanda is one of the few people playing the game, but she is playing at a mean pace. He thinks that she playing the game “kinda like a brat” WOOOOO

Does he talk to the former friends? He and Danielle still talk, and Frank, and Ian. Everything is “forgiven”.

Best game? JUDD WOOOO he is rooting for him the rest of the way.

On McCranda: What are they thinking, leaving a showmance in the House? “Love clouds their vision”. Prevents them from making, big, strategic moves. She played better without Brendon. Not a fan of showmances.

Interview ends


Rachel and Brendon got married last summer, get to wake up everyday with their best friend. Three year anniversary. Her laugh has died down.

BB marriage. First BB marriage. They want BB babies. Before Dominic and Dani.

Dominic and Dani : THEY GOT MARRIED, SEASON 13




JEFF AND JORDAN – Together for four years. The friendship “involved it” – Jordan

“evolved it”. – Jeff laughs

They think that they are an odd couple (McCranda), and think that Amanda wears the pants.

They’re opposites. “The next stop is to put a ring on it” – Jordan lol and Jeff laughs

They want a “A very big family”. – Jordan

Commercial break

Julie welcomes back Judd!

He doesn’t think that a lot of the House didn’t change. He saw drama, for sure.

She congratulates Amanda on winning her first competition

Julie asks her about the verbal threates

and said that Elissa just pushed her buttons.

Elissa said game-related things, and felt that Amanda took it to a different level, and she thinks that emotions were defintiely running crazy this week. “By-gones are by-gones”.

TWITTER ABUZZ: The front bedroom was “so messy”.

Julie congratulates him for not bieng up on the block this week

Apparent Judd took away Spencer’s drawers

Says thank-you for asking her a question, it has been “two weeks”.

I’m so excited to hear Julie’s questions to Aaryn on racism.


Aaryn will respect everyone’s decisions

Andy loves Anderson Cooper

Judd : Aaryn (his little Texas Tornedo)

Spencer : Aaryn

Ginamarie : She’s crying, and votes to evict Aaryn

Amanda : Aaryn

McCrae (smacks Amanda’s butt) : Aaryn

Aaryn : 5

Andy : 0

Julie is sitting down with Aaryn after the break.

Commercial break

I think that Aaryn is expecting herself to leave.

It’s so quiet


why is no volume

Oh, I heard Ginamarie

She is crying

and Aaryn leaves!

Julie is saying that they have a lot to talk about.

Asking her why to keep Andy or Aaryn ; Think that they are more loyal to Andy.

On Ginamarie’s vote: Told her to vote with the House

On Elissa: Became friends really soon in the house, and loves Rachel, and was confused about that and wondering about that, and she thought that she was the MVP, and felt like she was “bad for her game”

On racism: She doesn’t mean to come out racist, is the crowd making noises? She apologizes, and she doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. Reading out some of Aaryn’s quotes, like the Asian and Candice

she says that she doesn’t remember saying those things, and the crowd laughs

She feels “horrible” about it.

She feels like BB has taught her a lot about people and life, she loved Helen more than anything, and she was friends with Candice and Andy, and the crowd laughs lol

Judd thinks that Aaryn was awesome, he felt that he was playing for Amanda and McCrae

Amanda feels that Aaryn is like her sister

Ginamarie ; Bestie in the house, one heck of a competitor

Final thoughts: No. She feels horrible. She says that in Texas, they joke, she doesn’t want to seem like that person, and really respects everyone in the game.

Commercial break

“Big Hopportunity” lol

It’s like the Christmas one in BB12. They have to hop over (feet are tied together) to the fence to get an egg to get it through the hole in the “H” in the first “HOH”. It goes in their basket. you need six to win? I’m not sure.

Julie tells them, 69% of America voted for the one with the least amount of points to wear a CHICKEN SUIT yepyep woooo

The House is united to go against Amanda and McCrae!

Commercial break

Surprise comp. with a HG next time 😮


Thanks for reading you, guys!

September. 18th is the finale !


– Louise



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