BB15: Episode 27 [SPOILERS]

28 Aug

Hello, everyone! How are you all?

It’s BB Night!

Elissa nominated McCrae and Amanda

Ginamarie says that she has to be on Elissa’s good side this week.

Amanda wants to punch Ginamarie “so hard with brass knuckles”.

Ginamarie tells Aaryn that McCrae and Amanda “lie to everyone”. She tells her to keep cool with “Amanda McCrae, otherwise, they’ll throw” her under the bus.

Elissa asks Amanda if they are going to “retaliate” against her next week, and Amanda says “no”.

Amanda tells Elissa that Ginamarie and Elissa look like they are working together.

Elissa says that she saw an evil side to Amanda, and she really wants Amanda to go home after going into the DR to share with us. After seeing what happened between her and Helen last day..

Elissa tells Judd about wanting to get out Amanda, to back-door her, and he agrees readily.

And now Aaryn and Elissa are talking. Aaryn is a little freaked out, but goes up.

Elissa tells Aaryn that they “seriously need to work together”. She said that she didn’t see the”big picture” when she elected Helen to go home, and Aaryn says that she understands that. Elissa tells her that Amanda leaving is supposed to happen, or something.

Aaryn says that she will pick Judd if she pulls HG’s Choice for Veto.

Commercial break


Aaryn, Elissa, McCrae, Amanda, Ginamarie, JUDD (HG Choice) YAAY

Amanda questions Aaryn’s choice on Judd. “Why not pick Andy?”

Elissa says that she is going to be in “Veto Comp overdrive”.

Amanda is pissed off at Aaryn, and Amanda doesn’t think that it’s the best move, why not choose an alliance member, or something.

Ginamarie tells Aaryn to not let Amanda get into her head.

Aaryn tells Elissa about her choice, and Elissa tells her that she is using Aaryn to make all of her decisions. Elissa tells Aaryn that she not going home this week.

Ginamarie tells Elissa that “Amanda is the female version of Jeremy”, lol.

Amanda tells Spencer, McCrae, and Judd, that Elissa and Ginamarie are “100% working together”. Amanda calls them out on it, because every single that that she walks by, they stop talking.

Ginamarie and Amanda are arguing with each other.

Elissa tells Ginamarie to stop.

McCrae is telling her to “chill out”, and Amanda says that it was “not a good decision” to do that.

McCrae wants her to do some damage control with Elissa.

Amanda tells Elissa that Ginamarie talks about her even more than Aaryn.

Elissa tells Amanda that she hasn’t thought about it.

Amanda tells her Amanda that she needs to know if she could be a potential person on the block.

Elissa laughs hard, and Amanda asks her why she is laughing, and Elissa said that she had such a good relationship with everyone (like, why should she be worried, or whatever?).

Amanda is now crying and Elissa started to laugh but is now listening. Amanda tells her that she has always had her back, and Elissa said that she had such a good relaitonship with everyone.

Commercial break


McCrae: “I finally understand why you’re always wearing shorts. Because Amanda wears the pants” lol Ginamarie thought that it was so funny.

Ginamarie: Nick since first meeting has felt swept away in a fatal attraction

Andy: Ghost in BB House? It has a high-pitched wail, pasty white, loves to float, that’s Andy.

Aaryn: Acting mean and nasty in the beginning of the game, but it disagrees. That wasn’t acting!

Amanda: Don’t worry, you can visit McCrae using your giant tramp stamp, mail yourself to Minnesota.

Elissa: Like to impersonate the Zingbot, much better at being a cheap imitation of your sister.

No Judd?! Aw


The baby Zingbot is one year old so CUTE AWH

Energy charger, throw the ball, and catch it.

Every time you catch it and crosses the line or something, you score a point. Reach 250 power units to win the POV.

If it drops, you have to start all over again.

McCrae, Elissa, Aaryn, and Ginamarie went to zero,

Amanda is winning so far

Judd is dizzy right now. And he drops the ball :/

I have a feeling that Amanda is gonna win.

Yep, Amanda won

Andy does not want to be the next person on the block



Commercial break

Amanda hopes that Elissa will put up Ginamarie. Andy feels like he is going to be the replacement nominee.

Judd thought that Amanda was never going to win. Elissa says that she is going to go home now, because everyone who goes against Amanda “goes home”. She “hates her”.

Elissa calls Amanda the “grossest person in the world”.

Judd asks about Andy, and Elissa says that Andy is so annoying and “drives her insane”.

She wants to make sure that her nomination is going to effect the “McCranda” alliance.

Elissa is telling them that they were “throwing the comp”, and Amanda goes and goes off on her, saying that her and the Zingbot are “both made out of plastic”.

Amanda is going to “torture” her and then Andy is going to console her, or whatever.

“The Elissa Show”, and Amanda is now bullying and tormenting Elissa, and everyone can hear her from the outside.

and Elissa is now like, “is this real”?

Judd says that how she is acting shows that she is a “vile person”, and it shows what kind of a person that she is. and now Amanda says that she cannot wait to send her home next week.

Ginamarie says talking to Amanda is like “talking to a wall”. Ginamarie says that Amanda is just making “herself look stupid”. Amanda is now saying that it’s not nice to isolate herself. and now she is knocking on her door.

Elissa says that her intimidation is not going to work on her, and she doesn’t like bullies, and thinks that she is “psychotic”, I think.

Commercial break

Amanda now tells the others outside that “she won’t come out”. Andy goes up to talk to her.

Elissa says “thank-you” for coming up to talk to her. Elissa says that she is crazy.


Amanda tells Elissa that no-one comes between her and HER man, like what Rachel would say. Elissa tells Amanda that Rachel would be not impressed that she used that line and people laugh lol woo!

Here is Rachel’s response on Twitter:



and Aaryn is happy, I think

Amanda says to Elissa, “sit down, tra_h”. :O HOW RUDE. Amanda is just a flipping bully, so, please, just STOP BULLYING EVERYONE AND TAKE A LOOK AT HOW YOU TREAT EVERYONE, WOULD YAH? THANKS.

Andy says that she is not going home.

Thanks for reading this, you guys! Amanda is mean and a big bully.

Go Elissa! (Elissa says that she knows that Aaryn and Andy have been working with Amanda, so now either Alliance member can home. 3AM is officially done.)

– Louise


P.P.S. This is my 111th Post! I just wanted to say that, because triple-same-number digits! Woo!

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