BB15: Episode 26 [SPOILERS!]

25 Aug

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing?

It’s BB Night! Wowza. Who do you guys think won out of the Juror’s? Who do you think is the HoH? Let’s take a look!

HoH/Juror Comes Back Competition

Judd doesn’t trust Amanda or McCrae at all.

Elissa is so happy that Helen gets the chance to come back into the game, but Elissa knows that she can’t “count on that” because she could be “going home”.

Amanda is not happy that the four Juror’s are competing.

Andy is very worried if Andy comes back into the game, because he was blind-sided, and he could be “very vengeful”.

Helen wants all the HG’s to be “scared out of their mind that Helen could be coming back into the house”.

Amanda says that when you come after her, you will go home.

Elissa says watching Helen leave is “every type of side”. Helen was someone that she could trust.

McCrae says that a Juror coming back is a little bit a “nightmare” for him.

Judd says that he feels bad for Spencer.

Jessie is in the lead with two balls, and Judd like screams lol

Spencer says that he can’t hold himself up on the small platforms. McCrae and Spencer fall off. McCrae knows that Amanda will be pissed at him. Calls him “Mr. Endurance”.

McCrae is now smoking, already

Candice said that the balls hit her “woman parts” lol and she “hasn’t even had babies yet!”.

Candice really wants to be the “erpson who comes back into the house”.

Elissa and Judd are tied in first place. Jessie had been involved in sports growing up, really good hand-eye conversation, and that this is “her competition”.

Mascots come out :O

Elissa has four balls now.

Helen starts to tell the Jurors information, and Judd is soaking it all in.

Helen tells Candice that you can’t trust Andy.

Jessie has four balls now.

Elissa has five now, I think.

Andy falls off.

Amanda is pissed that it’s all up to her, she’s pissing me off… stop just depending on them, you have to pull a weight.

Jessie falls off, and Jessie says “F___ you, Amanda” and Amanda’s like, “What did I do?” aw, bye, Jessie :O

There’s three Jurors and three HG’s left.

Elissa has six balls now.

It’s been 49 minutes now!

Helen says that the platforms are “no bigger than a shoebox”. She wants to stay as long as she can on this as long as it takes.

Helen falls out now, yells “Happy Birthday” to “GM”.

Elissa is disappointed that Helen fell off, but now more fuel has been added to the fire now, and now she HAS to win.

Ginamarie doesn’t want Candice to return. Neither does Aaryn. Aaryn says whichever Juror comes back, it will not be good for her, because she has fought with Candice a lot, tried to “mend bridges”, but it didn’t work, and she was responsible for “blindsiding” Judd.

Commercial Break

It’s been one hour and thirteen minutes.

“Candyland might be getting back into the game” – Candice

The ball just whammed Judd on the chest.

Candice falls off, her knee fell off her her. She leaves.


Aaryn says that Judd will definitely gun after her.

Amanda is screwed that Judd is back in, and Judd wants to start clean slated with everybody, and they can “talk about it later”.

Elissa has seven balls, Judd has five, or four?

Judd falls off! He sees Amanda up there, and says that if she wins, he’ll definitely go up.

Amanda and Elissa catch a ball, Elissa is in first, Amanda in second.

Andy doesn’t want Elissa to win.

lol Amanda almost fell off and held onto Elissa’s board and came back in.

Wow! Very nice save! She almost fell off, and totally came back in! She held onto the ball holder.

One hour and thirty-four minutes so far.

Elissa has only one more to catch!






She could get a letter from her husband, or sister (Rachel) woooo

Amanda wants to try and control Elissa

Aaryn feels sick that Elissa will “gun after” her.

Elissa said that she would be gunning after Andy if he voted out Helen, but she realized that there are “bigger targets”, and she says that the people who thinks that they are running the House, will be running the House in Jury.

Elissa asks Judd why he was mad at her, he said that he felt that Helen wanted to get him out, and he felt bad for not hugging Elissa when he had left. He says that he is “Switzerland right now”. He wants to smooth over any rough patches.

Andy says that he has no idea what Elissa is gonna do. He asks Aaryn and Ginamarie, and Aaryn says that she’ll put up her and Ginamarie.

Aaryn is crying in the DR. She is worried, and doesn’t want to fight against Ginamarie in the Veto.

Amanda is talking to Elissa. Elissa says that she will not put up Ginamarie. She says that Aaryn is her #1 target in the House, but that does not mean that she will work with Amanda.

She is thinking to put up Aaryn and McCrae, and in the DR, Elissa said that putting up him against Aaryn, that it would be a “win-win” for her HoH because it would cause “turbulence in the relationship between Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn”.

Amanda goes to tell McCrae this, and says in the DR that she will have to work really hard to make sure that her and McCrae aren’t the targets this week.

Commercial break

Getting to see Elissa’s HoH room! She’s “freaking out”.


There are yoga mats, and a protein-filled basket


They are rooting for her 100 thousand percents.


Amanda says that there is a really good chance that if her or McCrae go up

Amanda says that she feels “defeated” because this is the first time that she hasn’t “controlled anyone”.

McCrae says that she can’t control everything.

Amanda says that they have to make sure that they don’t end up on the block together.

Elissa says that she will not let other people make decisions for her, this is her HoH, and she will make the most of it. GOOD FOR YOU, ELISSA! YOU AREN’T BEING CONTROLLED

“What Amanda doesn’t realize, that after Aaryn, Amanda is my next target” lol Elissa

Amanda is crying now (STOP), saying that it’s “heart-breaking”. Elissa says that she feels scared EVERY WEEK.

Commercial break

Aaryn just took a swig of nail polish remover… what the heck? She just drank from the bottle what the heck

she swallowed it she thought that it was aher waterbottle, she’s worried about her sanity I think, now

Spencer says that she needs to drink a lot of water now


Judd is now talking to Elissa, and says that it was really cute that Judd was

Elissa tells Judd that they have to get out Amanda.

He trusts Elissa 100%.

She’s always wanted to work with Judd, and now they are working together. They want to go to the Finals together. He will use the Veto on her if she goes up. Awh

Elissa is soo happy that Judd is back, and they hug.

Aaryn and Elissa are talking now.

Aaryn knows that Elissa is her target, and Elissa says, “well, one of the them”.

Aaryn says that she will make deals with Elissa. She wants to try to keep herself off the block.

Elissa says that everytime that she went to Aaryn, she had lied to her and screwed her over.

Elissa asks her that she wants to be in the game bad enough, or for Amanda

Aaryn says that she will try to keep Elissa safe as long as she can.

Elissa doesn’t know.

Aaryn knows that Elissa is upset with her.

Elissa has to weigh her options. To get out Aaryn, or get out McCranda.

Commercial break

Aaryn is 99% sure that she will be nominated. She is not sure that she got through to Elissa.

Andy is very nervous for the nominations

McCrae feels in danger, and has “never been on the block before”.

Amanda feels “pretty defeated”.

Elissa is focussed on “big targets only”.



Judd is safe! Yaay

Ginamarie is safe!

Spencer is safe.

Andy is safe.

Amanda is safe.

McCrae and Aaryn are nominated, as Elissa had wanted! go Elissa!

Reasons: she thinks McCrae is an awesome player, hopes that he wins the Veto

says that Aaryn has tried to make her life in the game as miserable as possible, and now she knows how she feels.

McCrae says that it really sucks that he is nominated. He needs to distract Amanda from saying mean things.

Elissa wants the player to know that she loves BB, and she will do whatever it takes to make big moves. It’s “in [her] blood”.

Aaryn says that everyone in the house hates Elissa, and she doesn’t get why she is the only one that feels Elissa’s “wrath” or something

If Aaryn leaves, I am going to be soo interested and curious and EXCITED for what Julie will ask her in the interviews!

and if McCrae gets off the block, it would be great to see Amanda go up. Woooo

I mean, I don’t really mind McCrae… I definitely prefer him over Amanda

That’s it! Thanks for reading this, I liked this episode because Amanda didn’t have the power to control WOOO

Bye for now!

– Louise

P.S. <– That is an interesting + neat header! Reminds me of Hallowe’en.

P.P.S. Thank-you VERY much for 916 HITS! I really appreciate it, so thank-you!


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