BB15: Episode 23 [SPOILERS]

18 Aug

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing?

It is BB Night!

When Jessie walked out of the house, Aaryn was like, “That was loud” (referring to the crowd).

Andy was really sad to see Jessie go, and he said that she “genuinely a good friend, and seeing her go was tough”.

Amanda yells that she can’t “win anything” at the HoH comp. after Aaryn wins.

McCrae says that he’s “never gonna throw a competition again”. He doesn’t trust Aaryn, and only trusts her and Amanda.

Amanda is crying, saying that she “sucks”, and now McCrae says that he really needs to try to trust Aaryn.

Amanda is now sitting in the storage room, hiding behind a garbage can… crying? what the

why not in a room

I just


What if someone walks in

Ginamarie says that she hopes that McCraw doesn’t win, and said that Amanda will ruin his life, and Spencer says that if he wins, she will spend it in six months.

Elissa is very scared for the nominations. And she thinks her and Helen will go up, or McCrae against her, or Amanda against her.

Helen tells her to “not be defeated”.

Helen says that she doesn’t want to act defeated, and thinks that her and Aaryn has a good relationship. Helen is telling her that Aaryn has played an “excellent game”. She says that she is such a “bright girl”, and calls her “humble.” I feel like Helen is sucking up

Aaryn calls her “cool and fun”, and calls her one of the nicest people she’s ever met? I don’t quite remember.

Amanda and McCrae are talking again. She wants Aaryn to put up Elissa and Helen.

Amanda wants Helen to go home, and she’ll go talk to Aaryn by herself.

Aaryn wants to put up Elissa and Spencer, and she tells McCrae that. He tells her that Amanda wants Helen and Elissa to go home. Aaryn says that her choice to put up Elissa and Spencer, it might not be what the alliance wants, but it’s good for her game.

Andy has now entered the room, with McCrae leaving, and Aaryn says that Spencer is sketchy in the DR, and putting up Helen would put “a lot of blood on her hands”. Amanda tells Aaryn that putting up Helen and Elissa would be an “obvious” move.

Commercial break

Aaryn wants to sleep in a bed, saying that her “back hurts really bad”.

They are assigning roles. Andy is the “agent”, Amanda is the “Mastermind”, Aaryn is the “beast”, McCrae is “The Enforcer”. And McCrae says that he has to do karate now and do push-up’s.

Looking at Aaryn’s HoH room, is Clowny back?

Elissa is not excited to go to the HoH room, of course

McCrae jumps on the bed

Aaryn is sitting on a goat, with baby sheep lol everyone is like screaming

Aaryn is asking them why she is so good at everything

Amanda is going to take Aaryn’s pink blanket

Aaryn has mudmasks

Andy says that Amanda is really obvious at Aaryn’s HoH room an d”literally green with envy”.

Is Elissa married?!

Aaryn makes Elissa feel very uncomfortable. She doesn’t feel like talking with Aaryn is worth her time. She doesn’t think that she’s a very nice person.

Helen says that she NEEDS Elissa in the game. She doesn’t want Elissa to go out this week. Elissa misses her son, and realizes that she’s going to miss her son’s first day of third grade. Helen feels the same way. Helen doesn’t want Elissa to break-down for her, and she won’t break-down, either.

She is telling her that they have to get it together. THey miss their families, they could be in the Jury house with the “crazy people”, or stay in the House.

Elissa basically told Helen if she was evicted, she wouldn’t give her her vote. and it hurts Helen. Oh dearie

Helen is crying now, and she loves Elissa like a “sister”. She doesn’t understand why Elissa would think that way, and it hurts her heart.

Helen comes up crying in the HoH room, and she doesn’t want to cry. Helen feels like she can’t help Elissa anymore. Elissa is a big deal to her. They are so close, but unless Elissa wants to play, she can’t play for the both of them. Elissa is saying that she’s not taking her to Jury. McCrae says that it’s a “slap in the face”, and Helen doesn’t want her to go home, and if Helen leave, she doesn’t have any votes.

McCrae thinks that Helen “safely assumes that she’s going to the Final Two”.

The people in the HoH said that Rachel would be pissed, and they’d be “embarrassed”/

People are angry about Elissa now, and Ginamarie is pretty angry as well.

Elissa says that she has no intention to go to Jury. and Amanda in the DR is like, “Helen shouldn’t be sad about Elissa going home. … … Silly her.”

Commercial break

Have/Have-Not Comp !

lol Ginamarie didn’t want to be on Amanda’s team because she said that she was on a “losing-streak”.

They walk out to see big black boxes.

They have to press a start button, head into the black box, find the key, and then press the stop-button to stop the timer. Whichever team has the fastest time, will be the Have’s.

The Green Team is Helen, Ginamarie, Elissa, and Amanda.

The room is PITCH BLACK. and there’s like gloop when they walk in? Ginamarie can’t even see her hand in-front of her face.

Someone presses a button and feather pop

and Amanda presses a button and gets stuff blown in her face

Ginamarie feels spidywebs.

Helen feels in the middle of the room, tons of stuff

Elissa enters her hands in the big vats, and feels a “disgusting substance”, like guts, and and eyeballs and stuffs. lol Elissa sticks her hands in and feels the blankets and screams, and people are like WHAT and she said that it felt weird, and it was spaghetti.

Ginamarie just touched the key!


lol two blasts happened was it Amanda


They are now unlocking the box, and have entered their time! Nice.

The other team is now going in, and Aaryn is like screaming, “EW!”. They are on their hands and knees, lol the goop is ripping off Andy’s arm hairs and he warns Spencer to not let the stuff on the ground or it’ll rip his hair off


They open the wrong door and stuff falls on their heads

McCrae fins a “door underneath” but lol it’s the hole

McCrae felt like Indiana Jones

They exit later!

Green team = 7:27 seconds

Orange team = 3:41 lol

Ginamarie is not happy with the results.

Helen says that Elissa could bring her down

Commercial break

Helen’s father is originally from Korea. Ginamarie was really interested in Helen’s background and history. Her Dad could speak really good English and other languages.

Helen says that Ginamarie hopefully “learned sometihng” from her.

Elissa and Aaryn are talking, and Elissa is talking about her yoga mat.

She says that her and Aaryn have different values, I think?

Aaryn says thank-you to for Elissa talking to her.

Helen and Aaryn are now taking.

Helen knows that Elissa is going up. Aaryn says that either Elissa or Spencer going home, she wouldn’t care. She says that if she wins the VETO, and Aaryn says that she doesn’t want her to use it, Helen won’t use it.

Aaryn says that Helen is one of the “greatest people” that she’s ever met, and they’ve created an “amazing bond”, but she is a threat to 3AM, and no-one comes between that (I imagined” no-one comes between me and MY man” lol).

Commercial break

Helen feels like she is going to be on the block because of her relationship with Elissa. She thinks that Aaryn should put up Helen, and that she should put up Spencer, because no-one knows who Spencer will put up.

Elissa feels “uncomfortable and nervous”

Aaryn is not afraid of making her nominations

Nomination ceremony

Ginamarie is safe

Spencer is safe (I think Helen knows that she’s going home)

Amanda is safe (“It feels nice to get it before you”)

McCrae is safe

Andy is safe

Aaryn says that they’re a “power-duo”, and she’s afraid that they’ll come after “her power-duo”.

Elissa hates being on the block with Helen. She wants to make it on the end with Helen.

Helen actually trusts Aaryn

and Amanda is like that there’s nothing better than a “good ‘ol fashioned blindside” in the DR, I think.

Thanks for reading, you guys! Talk to you all next time.

– Louise



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