BB15: Episode 21 [SPOILERS]

14 Aug

Hello! How are you all?


Let’s begin!

Andy said that Jessie has gone after his allies, and her being on the block next to Spencer will ensure her to go home.

Jessie says that Andy should put up Amanda (like the rest of America says).

Amanda says that Jessie “HAS to go home”.

Helen is really disappointed in Andy’s choices, and she wants to know if he’s with her, or McCranda.

Andy and Spencer are talking šŸ˜®

Andy is telling Spencer that he is “fine”. “Don’t worry”.

Spencer doesn’t trust anyone in the house at all.

Andy and Jessie are talking. He is telling Jessie that she is not a target for him. and she’s relieved. Andy feels really terrible about it. He adores her, but for his game, he needs to “blindside” him. Jessie wants to work with him.

He is telling her to keep everything calm.

Amanda and Aaryn are talking. Amanda is telling Aaryn that Jessie needs to go.

Amanda says that they cannot let anyone know anything… they want to do the Final Four deal. “Easy A’s and McCrae” because of the A A A lol what that was McCrae’s idea

Triple “Am’s

Triple A’s and the Mastermind

They are coming up with their alliance name


Helen and Andy are talking. Helen said that he made the “safe move”. She’s worried about Andy, and her “ability to trust him”. He doesn’t want to go there yet. she thinks that Andy’s decision is suspicious? He’s playing both sides of the house, is he going to the 3 A.M.’s side?

Helen and Elissa are talking

She is saying that it’s not a big game move

Did Elissa dye her hair?

Helen is saying that he’s palying “really safe”

Elissa asked Helen if he should backdoor Helen and McCrae

She says that Andy isn’t up to it

She doesn’t know if she’s loyal to them or the 3AM’s

They’re saying that they’re screwed if Andy is playing with them

Andy is telling Amanda and McCrae that Helen wants to get rid of big targets. Amanda assumes that it means her and McCrae. Amanda is wondering about Helen’s loyalty, like she wouldn’t put up her own alliance members, right?

There is vacuuming happening in the house right now, can’t hear much at the moment!

Commercial break

McCrae is making a fake alliance with Helen.

McCrae is saying that it’s Helen’s game at the end

He is saying that Amanda has a relation to every person in the house, and she feels that she won’t win against Amanda in the end

McCrae wants it to be between him and her at the Final Two? He wants to make a deal with her and Andy. They’ve been playing “similar games”. What about Elissa?

Helen would be really “open-minded” for that.

Helen says that Amanda is the best in the game, and McCrae agrees

Helen is buying this.

VETO Comp!

Jessie says that if Amanda or McCrae win the VETO, she will stay on the block

Andy, Jessie, Spencer, Helen, Elissa (yaay), and Amanda are playing in the Veto !

McCrae is the host, he jumps around, and Amanda is like “So embarrassing”

Aaryn’s eyebrows…

Andy and Helen are talking, along with McCrae

Helen is telling Andy that he her and McCrae can’t beat Amanda

Andy says that Helen is “buying everything, hook, line, and sinker”

McCrae says that she’s weak at the competitions, and he can take her out then.

Amanda enters the room and it was slightly awkward

Elissa has entered!

McCrae says that the counting competition hasn’t happened yet, Helen says that she’s strong in numbers. Amanda says that Helen should win, and everyone else folds, if it’s the number comp. today. He’s a big BB fan.

Andy is now telling Spencer to fold, they want Helen to be against Andy. Spencer is “agreeing”, but he thinks that their idea is silly and he won’t play to their ways, because he’s on the block.

Commercial break

They are to earn three movie tickets

Write down the correct amount

Lock it in, or fold

If you stay, and it’s the wrong answer, and not closest to the actual answer, you are eliminated


like BB12

Spencer doesn’t trust the house game, and wants to keep himself safe

Counting bats

Helen = 300

Amanda = 479

Jessie 305

Spencer 460

Elissa 248

Andy 177


Helen won and Ginamarie was excited

Amanda says that she would’ve gotten it, and Spencer says, “no, you wouldn’t have”

They are counting brains, now

105 – Helen

57 –

72 –

57 – Spencer

80 – Elissa

70 – Andy

lol everyone folded again.

Elissa would’ve won it if she stayed

Counting coins

Helen – 775

3179 – Amanda

425 Ā Jessie

1550 – Elissa

1014 – Andy

2580 – Spencer

Spencer stays this time

Spencer wins the ticket

Helen is out of the game!

Elissa is a total Math whiz, take the ratio, estimnate the given ratio of how many proporations of the ratio

a lot of Math

Elissa says 977

Andy, Elissa, and Amanda say

Andy wins the movie ticket

Amanda is eliminated

she feels pissed, and doesn’t know if she wants Jessie to go until now

Jessie’s strategy is to guess high

Everyone but Spencer stays

Elissa earns a ticket!

Jessie is eliminated

Spencer, Elissa, and Andy are next.

Commercial break

620 – Spencer

477 -Elissa

714 – Andy

Elissa folded, between Spencer and Andy. lol Elissa should’ve stayed, last round


He’s quite happy about it!

Jessie is really “disappointed” in herself.

Amanda says that Spencer needs to watch his “hairy back” lol what

Helen is thinking if Andy will use the Veto to get rid of a strong player

Andy says that Spencer can trick you

and Jessie is really readable.

Spencer asks Amanda if she’s pissed at him

Spencer says that he is the most stressed out in the Veto

He says that it’s really key to “smooth things over”

Spencer says that he would not have used the Veto, and Amanda is like, “Woah, what”

Andy says that they need to keep an eye on Spencer

She says that he just put a huge target on his back

Andy and Jessie are talking now.

Jessie is trying to tell him that Spencer and Helen and Elissa and her will be so appreciative if she stays, and put up Amanda or McCrae.

Helen and McCrae are talking

McCrae says that Amanda should go home before the Final 4, and he sees to see Helen getting out before that

Amanda asks McCrae if there is anything new

and she asks him what is new

Amanda doesn’t respond (commercial break)

Commercial break

Amanda and Aaryn are talking

and McCrae has joined

they always crawl into the bed

and now Andy is going inside the HoH room, too

Amanda says that Helen should go home

Andy doesn’t know what to do

They are on-board with Helen leaving


Jessie would love it if he used it on her

Spencer would love it if he used it on him

he says that Andy hasn’t done anything intelligent this week, and he isn’t expecting it

and I’m like, “uhm, Spencer, you’re on the block”

McCrae, I think, said, “Did that just happen?” lol

Andy is not using the power of VETO!


Andy says that Spencer needs to check his jokes because he’s walking on a very thin line

Jessie is not giving up

Helen wants to find the opportunity to get out Amanda

Next week, they want to get rid of Helen, or Spencer… “depends how I feel like” Amanda it is not your decision…

Thanks for reading! I’m sorry that it’s scrambled.

– Louise

P.S. Thank-you VERY much for 788 HITS :O


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