BB15: Episode 20 [SPOILERS!]

11 Aug

Hello, everyone! How are you?

It’s BB Night!

This is an early Post because I found it somewhere, due to my family using the T.V. . So, yay! Early Post!

[This is the point of the first live eviction from last day, what went on was shown in today’s episode]

“You dish it, but you can’t take it.” – Candice

Ginamarie still likes her coloured contacts.

While they’re voting during the first eviction of the double-eviction eviction, Ginamarie and Candice are going at it.

Ginamarie just said that no-one wanted Candice, not even her Mother. That was a low blow. Candice was adopted, oh my gosh. Ginamarie acted so rude and disrespectful, that was a terrible

Ginamarie said that she’d get the door for Candice so that it’d “hit” her on the “way out”.

Elissa is sad to see Candice go.

Judd had told Aaryn that Jessie is “everyone’s target”. Aaryn wanted to put Ginamarie up, because her actions reflect on her.

This is during Aaryn’s HoH reign to do the second eviction.

Jessie said that being nominated in a “double-eviction night is very very scary”.

Helen wanted to backdoor Judd…? Uhum… are you flipping kidding me

was SHE the reason why


my word

Aaryn is now talking to Jessie, and saying that she will take her off the block. Jessie swears that she will never put Aaryn up on the block.

Helen has the house in general has said that “Judd is the MVP”.

The whole house was in on the idea.

Judd had asked if he had to campaign, he didn’t think that he did.

Oh dearie.

Judd wants Ginamarie to vote Jessie out.

Amanda told Spencer to vote out the replacement nominee.

Judd is being comPLETELY blindsided.

McCrae said that it was “completely hearbroken”. Andy said that it “didn’t feel right”.

I feel like I’m gonna cry 😥 Poor Judd.

and Judd goes on the block.

Judd said that he wasn’t playing Aaryn. During nom.

He said that he could work with anybody. He has been loyal to a several people.

Aaryn was crying, hearing Judd plead.

He said that it wasn’t too late to keep him.

Judd really wanted them to keep him.

Like everyone is crying.

Judd said that the snake wins the game, noticing Jessie’s smirk.

Judd didn’t want to hug Elissa, and he didn’t want to hug Helen. He said that it “wasn’t true” to Aaryn.

The house is in tears.

Andy is real upset.

so is Ginamarie.


Aaryn hopes that she’s not the next one to go home. Helen says that this was the biggest game move ever in the game right now.

I don’t like Helen right now, I’m sorry

Andy and McCrae are both crying, hugging

McCrae says that Judd was his best friend.

Amanda and Aaryn are now talking. Amanda says that it was huge, and says that no-one will ever doubt her again. Aaryn really trusts Helen the most. Aaryn wants to agree with the Final Four Deal with herself, Amanda, McCrae, and Andy.

Andy said that it was like watching “a wounded animal”. He said that it really “hurt” [on Judd]. He’s going to be by himself now.

Helen is telling everyone that this will help everyone’s game. Spencer said that they are like “wild hogs”, on how quickly everyone can change.


They are supposed to land their cherry on-top of the sundae, to be the first before their opponent.

Helen vrs. Jessie.

Andy vrs. Ginamarie.

Amanda vrs. spencer.

Elissa vrs. McCrae.


The winner must name four HG’s to be the Have-Not’s of the week.

And Jessie wins her round! She will advance.

There is like rock music in the background

Andy wins his round! He will advance.

Amanda wins her round. She will advance.

Elissa says that McCrae is distracting her lol he’s saying “Woah” and stuff


McCrae wins his round! He will advance.

Jessie vrs. Andy now!

Andy wins his round!

Amanda vrs. McCrae

Amanda siad that McCrae better let her win the comp otherwise they’d be “banana splitting up”

Why is Amanda crying? It’s not that big of a deal…

Andy vrs. McCrae!






I’m actually so happy

Aaryn Helen Elissa Ginamarie are the HoH’s. “Aaryn the good witch”. Ginamarie and Aaryn volunteered themselves.

Everyone is happy that Andy is the HoH lol everyone feels safe

Oh, so now Amanda is now talking to McCrae about her not winning something

She’s making such a big deal out of this


McCrae is getting tired of this, I think

McCrae says that he was barely trying


Cottage cheese and cow peas

Turnips and taffy

Head cheese and Habaneros

Hmm. So much cheese!


Helen is now talking to Amanda. She is telling her that everyone is still here because of Amanda. Helen is telling Amanda that she has been playing an amazing game. She is winning without winning anything.

Jessie says that Jessie needs to “get over it”. She wants her to move on

Amanda doesn’t want to draw attention to herself, and she’s still going on about it? Are we on the same definition? doesn’t that mean you stop talking about it or go somewhere by yourself instead of complaining to someone?

McCrae says that they have no “blood on their hands”.

Helen is talking to Andy. She wants him to put up Amanda and McCrae. Andy really trusts them, though. Helen doesn’t want to be “blindsided by them”. He wanted to put up Spencer and Jessie, but now he has this to think about. Who’s side should he play on? Or should he continue playing both sides?

She wants him and her to think about the next two weeks. They have “six opportunities to get rid of everybody here”. She’s afraid of McCrae. She doesn’t want the opportunity to be missed? Her gut is saying that if you play it safe, you “won’t win the game”.

We didn’t get the celebration to see Andy’s HoH room…

McCrae says that he is aware that he is also in an alliance with Helen and Elissa and stuff. He’s tight with them too.


Ginamarie is safe

Helen is safe

McCrae is safe…

Aaryn is safe

Amanda is safe…

Elissa is safe

Spencer is up for a fifth time? Jessie is up as well. He adores both of them, but he put them up because it was strategic for his game.

Jessie has become an “easy target”.

Spencer says that it “sucks”. He thinks that it’s gonna “work out soon”.

Amanda said that everything has “worked out”.

Helen thumbs-down Andy’s nominations, but she is still going to push for Andy to put up Amanda or McCrae come the VETO. She will see where “Andy’s loyalties lie” this week.

What a sad and annoying and happy episode. What? Judd leaving, Helen and Ginamarie at some point and Amanda, and Andy winning.

Thanks for reading you guys! Talk to you guys soon!

– Louise


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