BB15: Episode 19 – Double Eviction Night [SPOILERS]

8 Aug

Hey, everyone! How are you all doing?

It’s BB Night!

The Jury begins tonight!

Candice would love to get Amanda out of the house.

Amanda says that she guesses that it’s time for her to play “Nice Amanda”.

Amanda is now talking to Jessie. Amanda wants to be friends with Jessie.

Jessie feels that Amanda had some sort of “influence” on having put her on the block. Jessie doesn’t believe her, and wants to evict her.

Andy solidified a Final Four deal with Amanda, McCrae, and Judd.

Amanda feels that Judd is MVP… she is “99.9%” sure, so she doesn’t really trust him.

Candice doesn’t get how she became a bigger target than Amanda or Spencer.

Jessie is talking to Helen. She thinks that Helen has a strong position in the house. She is telling Helen that Amanda is acting like a “queen”.

Helen says that there will be “a lot of work to do”.

Jessie is telling Judd that if Candice goes home, then she will be going home next as well.

She is telling him that it could “change the whole game”.

Judd doesn’t know what to do, but he’s taking it “into consideration”.


Helen is telling Andy that Amanda and McCrae are too comfortable in the house. She wants to get rid of Amanda. He thinks that it;s way too early to make that move, what if he tells Amanda and McCraE?

Candice thinks that Amanda and McCrae are very dangerous.

Helen tried to get some votes, but she couldn’t get some. Helen understands that she has hurt some people. But she hasn’t hurt her.

Helen is afraid that they’re going to go after Helen if Amanda is evicted.

Julie is now talking to them.

Good news: Nine people will make up the Jury, wow.

The bad news: Double eviction night.

Candice is talking to Ginamarie, “living at your Mom’s house at 33 years of age”

“30 seconds, stop” – Ginamarie

she called herself “fabulous”

“a boy’s hat that never liked you

take your contacts out and your tongue ring” – Candice


Spencer is happy with the “American railroad. Has had a lot of fun with everyone but Andy”.

Amanda says “hi to Mom and Dad” she loves everyone, and she wants to stay in the House badly.


McCrae’s vote: Candice

Aaryn’s vote: “Candice the Clown”

Helen’s vote: Candice

Jessie’s vote: “unfortunataly”Candice.

Elissa’s vote: “sadly, sadly vote to evict” Candice she “doesn’t want to, but everyone else did” lol

Andy: “very feisty” Candice

Judd: Candice

Candice is still a part of the game, so Julie can’t give her any news or events of the Outside World.

Candice is evicted.

before Candice leaves, she tells Ginamarie to go back to her Mom’s house

and Ginamarie is says that her Mom likes her more than hers

Elissa is really sad about Candice leaving, I think that she was crying. 😦

Now talking to Julie:

Candice knew that she was leaving that week, so she chose to say those things to Ginamarie. She stood up for herself.

Candice says that Amanda is “a smart-game player”. She thinks that she could make it “all the way”.

Candice was really aware of the racist things in the game. She wanted to defend herself, she said that it was really difficult to keep it all in about the racist comments.

Commercial break



“Summer School”

Julie is going to ask them questions about items or events in the House, I think. They have to answer with “More” or “Less”.

Elissa is out first.

Andy and Jessie are out next.

Aaryn is HoH…

… she doesn’t look happy about it

Commercial break

Aaryn is doing some last-minute stratigizing. She wants to put up people that will make the least amount of waves. She doesn’t want Spencer to go home…

… Julie is giving them an announcement:

She is now telling them that the MVP Twist is officially over. Only two nominees will go up, now. Like usual.

Aaryn is now making her nominations: Jessie and Spencer are up.

Commercial break (man, these are short clips right now)


“Nailed It”

Retrieve six-coloured nails to complete their VETO puzzle. They are different lengths. They need a gold-coloured nail to buzz in.

Aaryn has won the Veto Comp…

… I think that Jessie will go home :/

Commercial break

Aaryn chooses to take Jessie off the Block

Judd is going up on the Block… 😦

I feel like crying,

This really sucks 😥

Commercial break


Amanda: Judd

McCrae: Judd

Ginamarie: Judd (she’s crying)


Helen: Judd

Elissa: Judd, one of her best friends.

Jessie: Judd

😥 This really sucks.

He’s wearing his Bear Shirt

Helen told Aaryn that she was “Janelle”

Judd is now talking to Julie. He doesn’t know what happened, and he was really confused

Judd thinks that Amanda is running the House

He’s going to the Jury House now “Where’s Candice?”

That’s it.

Thanks for reading you guys, I’m sad at the ending of this episode and then some 😦

– Louise

P.S. THANK-YOU SO SO MUCH FOR 684 HITS! I really appreciate it, wow… that is amazing. Thank. -you.


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