PJO: SoM + Other Things + 100TH POST?! NO WAY

7 Aug

Hey, everyone! Louise here.


WHATWOWCELEBRATIONPLEASE 100TH POST YAY! I’M ACTUALLY REALLY HAPPY ABOUT THIS! I’ve kept with you guys for 100 Posts… wowiewowiewowie ❤ Thank-YOU




I’M SO HAPPY, THANK-YOU FOR CHOOSING TO READ THE THINGS I TALK ABOUT… I REALLY APPRECIATE IT. { and this is like one of my things that I’ve actually stuck with… for the most part. Score! }

I haven’t made a normal Post in suuch a long time! I really apologize for that 😦

Recently, I have been doing a lot of school-related things, which is why I’ve only posted about BB. This Summer has been so busy for me. I should be sleeping right now, so this Post is gonna be really quick and short, because I have big day ahead of me today (since it’s 12:53AM). I have a lot of things to focus on and then I’m off to see PJO! WOO!

I’m going with a friend of mine, but my other friend couldn’t make it 😦 I was really sad about that, but I totally understood her reasoning. The both of us are a fan of Logan Lerman, which is one of the reasons why I had invited her to come. Hopefully we can watch a movie together soon (PJO: TTC, if it happens? or “Fury” or “Noah”, also featuring LL.).

I’m super excited to see Percy Jackson in theatres. I didn’t last time, so I had watched it on DVD I think for the first time at my friend’s birthday party in… 2010? In the Summer, I think.

Now, I get to see it on the big screen :O I’ve never seen Logan on the big screen lol (because Perks was in limited theatres and it was a rush to get to the other movie theatres)

I’m excited for this movie because I think that hard-core book fans will be more happy with this movie than the first (that’s not to say that the first movie wasn’t good- in its own way, it was cool. The actors and actresses were great, too.). I am saying this because it involves things that the first movie didn’t have. Like Dionysus and Clarisse. But they’ve changed the actor of Chiron, it’s not Pierce Brosnan anymore (did I spell his last name right? I hope so.). It kinda sucks, but hey, what can you do? At-least we’ve still got Chiron!

We’ve also got some characters who appeared in the second book! There’s Tyson, and what I’m guessing is Rainbow (or at-least the hippocampi), Polyphemus, Thalia (I think a snippet of her)… I hope that Blackjack appears, that’d be neat. but hey, we’ve also got a majority of the main cast, like Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario and Jake Abel and Brandon T. Jackson… cool beans!

I can’t wait to see it today!

On other things, I have a lot of things on my mind right now and I’m afraid of having a mental breakdown or whatever. I cried like three or four times today, it was bad. Ugh. Two times crying over things that I really don’t want to happen but someone is very strict on having it so. I don’t this certain thing to go because it has a lot of POSITIVE memories for me, and I like having it there, even though I don’t use it quite as much as I’d like to. I still use it, though.

sflsd and this sad music is gonna make me cry again…

… well, I hope to talk to you guys later on today for BB!

JUST A NOTE: Since I am watching a movie tonight, I may/may not be late for posting about BB! If I don’t end up posting at all, I deeply apologize. It was not done on purpose. I might’ve been exhausted… who knows. Also I think today is a special day, but no-one really clarified… so. I hope that I get to watch it and do the play-by-play! If not, again, I’m sorry!

Thank-you for reading this! Have a great day, everybody!

– Louise

P.S. 622 HITS?! Wowza. Thank-you SO so much, I deeply appreciate it!


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