BB15: Episode 17 [SPOILERS, SPOILERS!]

4 Aug

Hi, everyone! How are you all?

It’s BB Night!

Candice says that she’s lonely, I think, and she she’s really sad that Howard left 😦

Amanda said that the house did “the right thing to get rid of Howard”.

Aaryn hopes to begin a relationship in the house with Helen because she had put up her end of the deal.

Andy said that Howard was shady and talked in weird metaphors that no-one understood.

Amanda said that she was really sorry, and that she is here for Candice.

Helen gives Candice a hug as well.

It has been 17 minutes so far in the HoH Comp.

McCrae says that the comp is really easy for him.

Now the barrels have revered!

Spencer falls off

Candice fell off; her intuition is to play a “low-key” game this week.

Helen falls off

Elissa falls off

Amanda falls off

It has been 32 minutes.

Judd falls off!

Abdy falls off says that he’s gotten really far in this game being everyone’s friend.

Spencer is choosing his box. He can only speak in a blowhorn for a little while

Candice won $5000 !

Helen won something really cool, I think, but I didn’t hear because my Dad was yelling. Something with her and three of her friends?

Jessie falls off

Ginamarie swears on her life that McCrae and Amanda are not her targets if she wins.

She needs her hair dye

He needs pictures of his family


Commercial break

It has been 59 minutes!

McCrae says that Ginamarie’s deal is tempting, but he says that the only person that he can trust in this game is herself.

Ginamarie is saying that she will let McCrae pick one of her nominees, and she will pick the other.

Commercial break


Ginamarie won! She’s so excited.

Aaryn is very excited that she is safe and happy for Ginamarie.

Candice hopes that Ginamarie will have some sympathy for her.

Did Ginamarie just crack a bottle against her head?

Helen is telling Ginamarie that she has the “best sportsmanship”. She’s acting very nice around her.

Ginamarie just kissed Nick’s picture lol

Ginamarie and Aaryn are jumping on the bed, running around

lol Andy “Seeing Aaryn and Ginamarie dance around is soo dumb”

Amanda thinks that Ginamarie might backdoor them

Aaryn is currently stroking her clown

Amanda and Spencer are making a little treaty right now. She’ll keep him around as long as she needs him.

Ginamarie thinks that Aaryn is truly wonderful.

Aaryn said that they were going extinct [on her and Ginamarie and Kaitlin and Jeremy, I think].

Candice is Ginamarie’s target this week, she can’t stand her voice and she she says that she causes so much drama. and she says that she’s been picking on Aaryn.

They are thinking to put up Spencer and Candice.

Commercial break

Seeing Ginamarie’s HoH room


Ginamarie is not a natural blonde

She’s got green pants, socks, tanning oil, protein bars, hair dyes

“She’s 32 years old”

Andy thinks that she likes 15, she’s got a Christina Aguilara CD

She’s crying, seeing the photo of Nick

Helen won the BBQ for her and three other HG’s.

She wants to pick someone who’s best for her game.

She’s picked Aaryn because she kept up her deal.

and she picked Elissa because Elissa is her closest friend in the house.

Aaryn had heard Jessie ask Helen why she had invited Aaryn to the BBQ… things are awkward

Jessie finds it extremely annoying how Helen had had chosen Aaryn for the BBQ

Amanda understands why Aaryn was chosen to go to the BBQ

Amanda says that it’s not a big deal

Jessie says that it’s a big deal “to be able to drink”

Amanda wants Jessie to “Shut up” and look semi-“pretty

Jessie doesn’t want to be in the house right now at all

Amanda is talking about “fakeness” – Amanda knows that Jessie was at the centre of it all to get Amanda out of the house. Amanda

Andy told McCrae and Amanda how they were gonna backdoor her

Jessie is still complaining about the BBQ

Amanda wants her to talk to Helen instead, and to stop complaining

and she wants her to stop crying about it, like, why can’t Jessie just go talk to Helen about it if she is so upset about it?

Helen says that she can have the third spot if she’s so upset about it after Amanda tells her what just happened.

Jessie is crying in the DR

Commercial break

McCrae is now talking to Jessie, he said that he had done his homework and picked his battles

Jessie said that she is not that person to sit there and take orders from people

Andy and Amanda have walked in

McCrae said that timing is everything

Amanda and Jessie are yelling at each other.

She didn’t want to flip the house on her

Jessie came to Andy with the plan, and she wanted to know his thoughts on backdooring Amanda

Jessie is saying that Amanda is

Aaryn is not going outside until they stop yelling

Amanda said that Jessie was in such a beautiful position; she could’ve made it to the top

She is calling her crazy, attention-seeking

“You’re in your underwear”

She says that that is her personality

She swears at Amanda

Amanda is like “okay”

Jessie calls her a bully

Amanda says that she’s trying to stand up for herself.

Amanda says that Jessie’s life is a “weak moment in the house”.

Amanda is telling her to turn to one person, saying that she has “no-one”

She says that she’s not afraid of her

Amanda says that she’s going home

McCrae is now talking to Amanda, saying that they both look bad

He says that the fight didn’t make her “look good”

He wants her to apologize, he wants her to know that this is a game, and not “Life”

McCrae said that he won’t have her back on something so petty

Amanda says that he doesn’t have her back

Ginamarie and Jessie are now chatting

Jessie said that she basically put a target on her back from last night, but this morning, she sees things more clearly now. She says that she was just emotional, and Ginamarie understands

Jessie says that Amanda is very persuasive

Ginamarie says that Candice has been her target for weeks. If everyone has the same vote, she will be out of the house (Candice).

Commercial break

It is now time for nominations.

Nomination ceremony

Aaryn is safe

Helen is safe

McCrae is safe

Judd is safe

Amanda is safe

Elissa is safe yaay

Spencer is safe

Andy is safe!

Jessie and Candice are up on the block.

Candice – she says that she’s beautiful, but she questions her loyalty to some of the people in the house, little bit of a drama queen, doesn’t like her being a tattletale, wishing her the best of the luck

Amanda and Judd are laughing lol what

Jessie – she said that she’s a “flip-fopper”, she flip-flops to different sides of the house, she doesn’t know if she can trust her

Elissa and Judd are laughing lol Judd is laughing so hard

Candice is shocked by the things that came out of Ginamarie’s “pierced-tongue mouth”.

Amanda says that you put a child on time-out in real life, you put Jessie on timeout in the BB House.

Thanks for reading, this was an interesting, entertaining episode. Talk to you guys later!

– Louise

P.S. 600 HITS?! Wow, that’s crazy. Thank-you SO so much, that’s just… wow, thank-you!

P.P.S. … I need to make my PJO Post


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