BB15: Episode 16 [SPOILERS!]

1 Aug

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing? I hope that you’re all doing well!

Can you believe it?! It’s AUGUST already. Wow. What have you guys been up to this Summer?

Well, it’s BB Night tonight! Let’s get started!

Spencer feels “awesome to be off the block this week”.

Candice says that in “true red-neck fashion”, Aaryn put her up, even saying “saddle up”.

Amanda says that this is the week that Howard is going home.

Howard says that hopefully there will be the votes for Amanda to go home.

Candice says that she is a “realist”. Howard is getting mad at her for “doubting” him.

Ginamarie wants to keep Howard. Spencer is trying to get people to get Howard to stay.

Howard is saying to people to get Amanda out.

Spencer says that if they keep Howard and Candice, there will be “two allies” with them.

Spencer is promising to Candice that he’s got her back. He wants the both of them to be on the same side.

Andy told Amanda that they told them about a deal. He’s telling her to not freak-out, and he says that Judd and him aren’t going through with the deal, I think.

Spencer is talking with Amanda. She’s saying that he’s making himself more of a target. She’s asking him if there is a plan to get her out of the house.

She is confident that she has the numbers to stay here.

Amanda says that she can help him, but he says that he doesn’t give a “-fword”

She says that he should.

He says that he was the reason why he was on the block.

Amanda starts talking, and he tells her to shut up.

… uh… excuse me? This guy is rude and didn’t respect Amanda while they were talking on the couch.

She calls him a bully “Who tells a woman to shut up?”

He says that he does.

Spencer is getting on my nerves

Helen was listening to the conversation where Amanda and Spencer, and she tells Candice. She is telling her to call everyone in the backyard, and Candice is “infuriated”. She is gonna put the target on him as everyone is gathered outside.

Candice is calling a House Meeting.

“House Meetings always go well” – Amanda

Candice is calling Spencer out

Spencer is trying to divert the attention from him.

Spencer just told her that he would rather keep Howard than her.

Candice wants him to stop lying.

He says that he is trying to make her look bad

“Would the real Spencer please stand up.” She wants him to keep her name out of his mouth.

She says that he is going home next week

and then she says “Meeting’s adjourned”

Aaryn and Jessie are talking. Jessie is saying that she is having problems with Candice. She says that she is “fierce” and is “ready to attack”.

Aaryn says that Howard is not a big of a threat as Candice. She doesn’t want Candice talking to her like that.

Jessie wants Candice out.

Candice awkwardly pops in then pops back out.

Aaryn says that she “needs to go”. She really wants to evict her.

Commercial break

The HG’s are now talking to Julie. They’ve been in the BB House for 42 days!

“A lot of babies have been born” – Julie

She’s doing a current events quiz ! The Royal Baby? 😮

She announces that Britney had a baby girl! She “has a great sense of humour”! IT’S TILLY Elizabeth, rhymes with “silly”. Born July. 13th.

Did they name “Sunshine North” or “North”? for West’s and Kardashian’s baby.

Did they have a prince or princess? Prince! George Alexandre Louis. I think. (or -er)

What does Jessie miss most from home? She misses her dog, he is her best friend.

What does Judd miss from home? He misses his family and friends and dogs “who doesn’t miss their dog” LOL

Aaryn thinks that Judd is a “brilliant human being”.

Andy is Judd’s Dad

Tana is Judd’s Mom

They sound the same!

Sharon, their friend “Judd being on BB is the best thing that has ever happened in this town since electricity”

“Judd is a huge BB fan, he’s been watching since Season 1” – his Dad

Judd was on the front page of the paper!

Tana – “He will come popping out when they least expect it” !

He’s got his own dance called the “Judd”


“Judd for president” aw

His Dad likes the way that Judd is playing his game. It is like the way that he would play it.


Commercial break

Votes to Evict…

“Jewish wedding”




big news


Helen – her “dear friend” Howard

Elissa – “sadly vote to evict” Howard

Spencer – Candice

McCrae – HIS BANDANA Howard

Andy – Howard

Judd – Howard

Ginamarie – Howard

Jessie – “sadly” Howard

0 – Amanda | 1 – Candice | 7 – Howard

Commercial break

Howard was evicted and Candice was smiling

Everyone is cheering for Howard!

“They all look so sad” – Julie on seeing the HG’s faces.

Howard said there’s a “power” in the House. He thinks that it’s Helen and Amanda and McCrae and stuff.

They’re talking of the MC

He is asking her why he had lied to Helen when she had asked him on the MC. He said that he was

Talking to him about the racist remarks. He found it very hard to not say anything about it. It was “terribly hard” for him.

He didn’t confront it “Head-on” because he didn’t want to stoop down to their level.

Good-bye messages:

Spencer – hate to see him go

Amanda – Telling him that he was her target for many weeks

Helen – His fellow player in the house. She hopes that he can forgive.

Candice – “best friend” in the house. She says that she hopes to continue their friendship, and maybe go sailing.

“Friendship? I thought that it was a showmance?” – Julie lol

“No showmance. We needed each other in there. Just friends.” – Howard

He was a good guy.

Howard thinks that the MVP was Elissa.

Commercial break

HoH Comp!

“Bull in a China Shop”

They are supposed to hold onto their bull the longest, if they fall, they break their china

Elissa almost fell! Nice save. “Yoga comes in handy” – Julie

They’re walking on a barrel that is just spinning

There will be no Have-Not’s this week!

Judd is “stoked” !

Candice and Andy are very happy! “More than you know, Julie!I I’m gonna have a lot of bacon and fried chicken” – Candice lol

First three of HG’s to fall off, get to open one of three boxes sitting on the haystack. One contains $5000.

“Any takers?” – Julie

“NO” lol I dunno who that was

Commercial break

America is the MVP again!



The spinning things are turning faster

I wonder who will win 😮

Thanks for reading this, you guys! Talk to you guys later.

– Louise

P.S. Thank-you SO so much for 564 HITS, WOW! That’s really cool, I appreciate it!



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