BB15: Episode 15! [SPOILERS]

31 Jul

Hello, everyone! How are you?

BB Night! (It’s a good thing that I remembered… I almost was going to tune in @9PM).

Aaryn nominated Spencer as a pawn, “no-one will really care if he leaves”. She nominated Howard because he was “the biggest target of the House”.

Helen says that Aaryn keeps on playing the way that she does, then they could both go far in the Game.

Helen and Aaryn are now talking in the HoH Room. Saying that the’re a “good team”.

Elissa is thanking Aaryn. Giving her a hug.

Aaryn is telling Ginamarie that they’re “sitting pretty” in the HoH.

Amanda is now talking to Aaryn. Telling her that she wanted Howard out for a long time. She is proud of her.

Jessie and Howard are now talking. She was thinking about him, she says that the opportunity means so much to him [on being in BB]. She’s crying now, and says that she knows that he isn’t a rich man (in the DR), and she says that the money will really help him out.

Howard is telling her to “take care” of herself, calling her “little ‘sis”. Awh.

McCrae wants to separate Howard and Spencer. He thinks that if he breaks them up, then Howard will be more loyal to her.

McCrae is talking to Spencer, but he doesn’t believe a word that he’s saying.

Howard and Spencer are talking. Howard believes that it will all work out.

He says that someone has been going around, making him a “big target”.

Howard is now talking to the whole house. He says that he knows that it’s a game.  While he is talking, Judd doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Andy doesn’t understand, he’s looking at Andy the whole time lol “why is he talking to me, did I do something?!” Andy’s hilarious. Spencer said that the speech was a flop more than it helped him. I didn’t really understand what he was saying… talking about facts and lies?

Everyone goes to the HoH to discuss Howard’s speech. No-one understand what he was saying. Amanda says that all of this confusion is making it “a lot easier for Howard to go home this week”.

Commercial break

McCrae is telling Amanda that they’re sitting really “comfortable in the House”.

Elissa is telling them that they think that Andy is the MVP, because he’s acting “really excited”.

Amanda, when Elissa says, that Andy “definitely” didn’t get it.

Elissa also thinks that Howard was the MVP last week, I think.


Amanda is the MVP’s choice! She is “pissed” and believes that Howard is the one who had been the MVP. Howard is excited about this. He says that she’s a “bigger threat” than him!

Helen is “super disappointed” that Amanda is up. She shouldn’t be the one “going home”.

Other players are: Candice and Jessie.

The Host is: Helen. lol she was soo excited like having a major freak-out.

McCrae betted Spencer “a thousand bajillion dollars” that Howard is the MVP. Spencer says that he’d be in “shock” if he was. Spencer says that the “intimidation” won’t work(?).

Judd tells Amanda “good luck”. Aaryn is like “Now we definitely know that it’s not America”. Hmm. Everyone thinks that it’s “so obvious” that Howard is MVP, except for Howard’s friend? Spencer and Candice think that it’s Elissa.

Andy and Amanda and McCrae… Amanda thinks Howard being the MVP would be “obvious”?

Amanda and Howard are talking. He says that either Elissa or America is the MVP.

I don’t understand Howard…

… Amanda says Howard that no-one understands him lol something about a “Straight-shooter”?

“He’s a sketchball” – Amanda

Howard is telling her that he’s never been the MVP. She wants the satisfied to know who put her up on the block.

He says “Good luck”! I think

Commercial break

Andy is only person around in the morning (beautiful). He’s lying in the hammock, by himself, and says that is where he gets his “deepest thinking” done. It’s his “place of zen”. Got startled by a bird.


It’s a time-lapse? Helen is dressed in an outfiit… dressed as a mad scientist Andy is scared as to how she’ll look in forty-years time after seeing her in the white hair oh my goodness Andy lol

The VETO competitors go in compartment

and exit where there are dinosaurs and volcanos and stuff 😮

Amanda wants the T-Rex to eat all of her competitors because it’d make it a whole lot “easier” for her”.

They have to find all of their coloured VETO pieces and assemble a VETO puzzle on their stump. Whoever does it first, wins.

“Candice and Jessie are perplexed” – Andy

Candice doesn’t want to do the puzzle anymore

Aaryn needs to win this because the week has been going “really good for her”

“so frustrating” – Hessie

Howard is doing much worse than her.

Spencer is a puzzle-guy?

Amanda has a bit of her puzzle done, and same with Spencer

I feel like it’s between Spencer and Amanda

both of them forgot pieces

Spencer won the VETO.

I don’t like hiim

Aaryn now has to pick a third Nominee, and she doesn’t want to get anymore “blood” on her hands.

Commercial break

Aaryn is thinking to put up Candice, because she thinks that Candice doesn’t like her, she’s close with Howard, etc. .

Candice is saying that Helen is the “puppetmaster”.

Candice is now talking to Helen. She is saying that she thought that Helen had “loyalty” with her. Candice is saying that lots of “deals have been made”.

Helen is angry and left the room.

Helen is saying that Howard had “wronged” her since Day 1. She’s in the HoH Room, discussing Candice that she’s making herself more of a target.

Commercial break


Amanda says that Candice is a “bigger threat than her” and a “vote for Howard to stay”.

Aaryn put up Candice. “This isn’t a surprise” – Aaryn

Candice isn’t surprised. She thinks that Helen and Elissa was in Aaryn’s head. She says that if she makes it through the week, she’ll be coming after them.

Aaryn says that Candice is “crazy”, she’s like a “time-bomb”. She makes her life in the house “miserable”.

Amanda says that she won’t go home

Thanks for reading, you guys! I appreciate it!

– Louise

P.S. Thank-you SO so much for 556 HITS! Wow! I really appreciate it!

P.P.S. It’s August tomorrow… wow.


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