BB15: Episode 14! [SPOILERS HERE]

28 Jul

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing this weekend? I hope you’re all doing well!

It’s BB Night tonight! Aaryn is HoH… is Elissa in trouble! Do you think that Aaryn will keep her deal with Helen and Elissa? Or, like Jeff, think that she won’t? Let’s find out tonight!

Howard wanted Kaitlin to stay, because he felt that she had the guts to stand up to the rest of the people in the house.

Andy: “I’m sure Jeremy is waiting open-arms on his boat” on Kaitlin being “the fastest person to exit the house”.

Elissa is “speechless” at Aaryn winning.

Helen had told Aaryn that she wanted her to put up Howard and Spencer because she got her the votes in the house to stay. Their deal was that Helen and Elissa could make her nominations for her.

“The clown is coming back” lol did I hear that right?

Candice wanted to have a breakdown when she found that Aaryn had won.

Jessie said that she has to “play nice” and on “good terms” with Aaryn.

Howard and Candice are talking now in a room. Candice found out that Aaryn might have made a “game-changing deal to ensure her safety”. She told us that Jessie told her that Aaryn and Helen had made a deal together.

Spencer is talking to Aaryn. She says that she doesn’t want Spencer to go home. She says that she “respects him”. She says that she’s under “huge pressure to put up Howard”.

Helen and Aaryn are now talking. Helen tells her that Candice told her about knowing the deal of her and Aaryn making. She says that she’ll take “all the deal for it”. Helen thinks that Elissa told her of the deal. Now are they thinking of evicting Elissa? She’s really “mad”, Helen is about the person spilling the beans, and she thinks that it’s Elissa spilling the beans.

Such an awkward silence in the kitchen. Elissa, Aaryn, and Candice are in there.

Seeing her HoH room now. She yelled out who wanted to see her HoH room and it was dead quiet. She looked around and lol everyone isn’t downstairs. They’re all hiding up there LOL



Aaryn said that she said that “A-word” instead of “asked” and Candice considered that an insult while they were in the HoH room because she’s a speech therapist, and there was a little bit of quietness when Aaryn had said that.

Helen is now talking to Judd, McCrae, and Amanda. Telling them about the deal that exists.

Helen wants Elissa out now. They think that Elissa is selfish… even though Elissa didn’t spill the beans. Jessie had. Helen is jumping to conclusions without knowing the details. It might’ve been because Elissa had spilled the beans last time…

Commercial break

McCrae and Amanda are in a bubblebath together (LOL THE BATH “Bubble up!” Britney and Rachel lol). He makes $136 every week or so? They are saying that they love each other.

Spencer and Aaryn are talking. Spencer says that he wouldn’t have put her up if he won (I think? I couldn’t hear it very well).

He is saying that there are people in the house that could offer him better protection.

Aaryn and Howard are talking now. Aaryn told him that Candice told Helen that if Aaryn put up Howard, then Candice and Howard would be gunning for her.

She is telling him about the deal now… he is saying to “shake up the house”.

She’s not gonna let anyone else make up her decision.

Commercial break

There is a siren running throghout the house 😮 The “BB Police”? :O

Poppy Montgomery, CBC’s “Unforgettable”. “She is a fellow ginger” – Andy LOL

Teams are random selected.  Judd is more of an FBI, not a detective “Female Body Inspector” oh my goodness, Judd.

It’s the Have/Have-Not Comp! Whoever has the most evidence stacked will have an advantage in the Round 2 of the comp.

The orange team finished first. Then the green team finished second. The purple finished third.

Ginamarie hasn’t been a Have-Not, she’s really proud

The orange team… “Elissa and I might make a good team… or not.” – Aaryn

They think that it’s been too easy, and they’ll think that they’ll get it harder.

Part 2: Remember exactly where they found all of the evidence. They have to place it back exactly. Orange finished first, so they got to see ten out of the twenty-four items.

Orange team has won! They only had two items wrong first time!

Andy is into a state of “euphoria”. He can eat as much pizza, chocolate, and cookies as he wants LOL.

Green team has six wrong first try.

Purple has two wrong first try.

PURPLE Team has won as well!

Green team is on slop, which includes Ginamarie. Ooh.

America’s vote: Have-Not food is…

… Mung Beans and Mackerel (what are Mung Beans? I like fish, though)

Parsnips and pumpernickel (What is pumpernickel? A squash?)

Figs and falafel. (What is falafel? But this selection looks good, too)

Oh, THESE are Mung beans- click

They’re good for clearing body heat, toxins…

Pumpernickel. Oh, it’s bread.

and falafel is: A deep fried ball made of chickpeas, fava beans… I think I’ve had this before!

Commercial break

Elissa says that it’s been an “upward battle” trying to find peace in the BB House to do yoga… but she does it.

Elissa has been doing yoga everywhere, lol people watch her as she does it… in the HoH Room, bathroom…

Candice thinks that she’s going to talk to Aaryn.

She says to put up Amanda and McCrae to Howard… she wants to go tell Aaryn that?

Aaryn is brushing her teeth as Candice enters the room. She is telling Candice that she doesn’t want to put up Howard, but she is telling her that lots of people are angry with Howard.

Candice is telling her to put up Amanda and McCrae.

Aaryn said in the DR that Candice is already off the list of people that exist to her. There is a “Candice switch” and it’s off?

She said that talking to Aaryn might’ve put a bigger target on her back, while trying to protect Howard and her, in a way.

Candice doesn’t even care anymore. She said that she messed up? I can’t understand her, she’s talking really quiet.

I think that Candice is angry with Howard.

I can’t hear them. Really quiet.

Candice wants to be “left alone”.

Andy is telling Aaryn that Howard needs to go home.

Aaryn thinks that Elissa would put her up. but Aaryn wants to do what’s best for her and she wants to satisfy the people that kept her in the House (Elissa also kept her in the house, but Elissa doesn’t like Aaryn, and I do think that Elissa would put up Aaryn if she won HoH).

Jessie is saying that she’d support Aaryn’s decision. “Elissa and Howard would be a power-move – Jessie.

Commercial break


Ginamarie is safe, of course

Jessie is safe

Andy is safe

Elissa is safe SHE HAD A LOOK OF SURPRISE dude I don’t want any backdooring

Candice is safe

Helen is safe

McCrae is safe

Amanda is safe!

Judd is safe!

Wow. Aaryn kept up on her bargain. I’m shocked.

She said that this is best for her game.

Howard saw this coming.

Elissa is “shocked” that she wasn’t put up.

Spencer, I don’t like him. I’m sorry.

America, who did you voteee as a nomineeee

That’s it! Thanks for reading! and I really need to put up that PJO Post ‘CAUSE I’M SOO EXCITED lol I JUST saw the ending of the trailer when my sister switched the channel lol so ironic.

Okay, bye for now!

Thanks again!

– Louise

P.S. THANK-YOU SO so much for 535 HITS! I really appreciate it, so thank-you!

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