BB15: Episode 11 [SPOILERS]

21 Jul

HELLO, everyone! It’s BB Night!

Amanda: “The house is gonna be so weird now” on Jeremy leaving.

“I’m trying to distance myself so I don’t take it out on other people.” – Kaitlin. Well, that’s nice of her.

Judd: “I’m King of the House right now!”

Jessie is happy that Judd won because he’s her buddy and it’s the first time that she’s felt officially safe. Awh Judd kissed her on the cheek when trying to get his crown back from her!

“I have a better chance of getting farther without him.” – Kaitlin on Jeremy going

Amanda is still dead set of getting rid of Howard.

Judd “She might’ve won McCrae but she has not won Ju ‘double-d'” lol. Judd is getting frustrated with Amanda; he wants to make his own choice.

We get to see “Judd the Stud’s” HoH room now!

Very chic and modern!


His letter from his Mom and Dad: They love him so much and something this big don’t happen where they live, and they hope that he goes all the way, even though they miss him. Awh!

Elissa feels that Aaryn is trouble.

Howard says that Kaitlin is a competitor.

I don’t Aaryn to go to the Jury House.


Aaryn should go home, then Kaitlin, then Ginamarie. Thanks!

Commercial break

Ginamarie “Auburn” LOL



AMANDA’S LAUGH LOL “comprisisation” – Ginamarie

Howard really trusts Candice, he calls it a friendship. They’re really close.

Howard like lions

Candice likes penguins because they mate for life (?)

Howard is tickling Candice


Aaryn is now talking to Judd- “I may want to keep a big target in the game” – Judd

Judd says that Ginamarie sucks the mood out of everything. He wants to get her out of house and he thinks that she doesn’t deserve to stay there.


Ginamarie wants to have more time with Nick

Kaitlin says that it’d be weird if she and Jeremy ended up together in real-life.


Aaryn says that her, Ginamarie, and Kaitlin are all gonna be up on the block.

“Don’t tell me to check myself, Ginamarie” – Aaryn

Aaryn and Ginamarie are having a little fight. About Nick, and being positive, and they’re talking back to each other. Ginamarie said that Aaryn had hurt her feelings because she had been making fun of her and Nick, but Aaryn said that she hadn’t talked about Nick for two days.

Commercial break

Have/Have Not Comp!

“Fro-Yo” shop!

Vanilla Chocolate Twist

and Anchovy Habanero Twist

lskfd they have to eat as much frozen yoghurt as they can and the person whoever weighs the least (704.4 pounds for red)

(507.6 blue)

“We are pretty much on life support now.” – Amanda (635.4 green)

Whoever gains the least amount of weight are the Have-Not’s at the end of the comp!

Ginamarie is like downing “baby bird being fed by its Mom” – Judd LOL

“Spencer looks like a cat eating milk” – Andy lol “SPENCER SHOVE IT IN YOUR MOUTH”

Aaryn doesn’t want to eat the Anchovy yoghurt, she feels sick

Times up!

McCrae feels really sick, and might throw up

and he throws up, I think?

Red team results: 715.4 pounds now (11 pounds gained)

Blue: 520.8 (13.2 pounds gained)

Green: 648.3 (12 pounds gained)

Orange are the Have-Not’s! Andy is a Have-Not for the third time, that really sucks! 😦

Amanda wants Judd to get rid of the strong players like Candice, Howard, and Spencer. She is telling him what she would do.

She says that it’s a “big move”.

Judd is saying that she has a point.

Judd said that he wouldn’t be put up by Spencer or Howard because he talked to them if they won HoH.

Have-Not choices for this week:

– Brussels sprouts and bananas

– Raisins and ramen

– Mushrooms and marmalade

Commercial break

Howard and Elissa are doing yoga together.

“The Downward Dog” and he doesn’t really get it

He is sweating and out of breath

Andy and Candice are staring lol McCrae- “How come you never compliment me when my shirt’s off?”

Elissa doesn’t think that the twist will screw her game over.

“Aaryn is a ticking time bomb. She’s a liar. She’s so proud with her ability to fight with people.” – Elissa

Judd doesn’t want to piss off the majority of the house, but he wants to make it his HoH.

Amanda is still pushing to get rid of Howard. She says that it’s safer to break it up.

Andy says that Amanda is being really aggressive and playing the game way too hard- she should watch herself(?).

Commercial break

Aaryn is sure that she is going to be on the block

Howard feels pretty comfortable, comfortable enough to be “scary”

Amanda says that Howard should be judged #1 target


Spencer is safe

Jessie is safe

Elissa is safe

Candice is safe

McCrae is safe

Andy is safe

Helen is safe

Howard is safe

Ginamarie is safe

Amanda is safe “You gave me a heart-attack”

Aaryn and Kaitlin is up!

Judd says that Kaitlin is most likely not going to go home, and he’s kinda referring that Aaryn will probably go home. Saying that Kaitlin is a strong competitor.

“Love-hate relationship with the people in this house” – Kaitlin on being “associated with Aaryn and Ginamarie”

Amanda wants to “BACK-DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR Howard” lol

Thanks for reading this, you guys!

Have a good night!

– Louise

P.S. THANK-YOU SO SO MUCH FOR 4835 HITS ! I really do appreciate it!


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