18 Jul

Hellooooo, everyone! How are you all doing?

It is BB night!

Let’s begin!

“The ‘Hunters’ have now become the ‘Hunted”- Julie [on Aaryn being put up on the block, and Jeremy]

Helen is SO excited + had mini freak-out in the DR. She thinks that Aaryn brought a lot of drama, but Jeremy has been the “biggest bully”.

“Jeremy is being discriminated against because he’s a winner.” – Aaryn

Apparently Jeremy is going to show the house his softer side… so he dresses up as a baby boy lol what. Okay? like a baby, a newborn. a baby outfit. He’s crawling in the backyard, hopping into the hammock with McCrae and Amanda. “I know that he either wants to breastfeed or campaign” – Amanda LOL and where did Jeremy even get the baby costume? The VETO comp that Britney had announced? lol.

Aaryn is doing some sort of work-out, whpping her hair, in-front of the other HG’s. “I have never meant any comment in any deragtory way. Ever.” – Aaryn on talking to Howard. She’s acting so nice in-front of the HG’s…

“I can’t handle another week of mourning.” – McCrae on Ginamarie.

“The cereal on her dresser.” – Aaryn on Ginamarie keeping Nick’s cereal

Amanda smuggled the cereal box away, lol. and his cup.

Ginamarie discovers that Nick’s cup is gone. She exclaimed, and is looking for it.

“Where’s Nick’s hat and his cup?” – Ginamarie to McCrae and Aaryn and them. “Please tell me where it is. I just need it there.” She looks like she’s going to cry.

She’s really upset about this!

She’s crying and looking for it all over the House.

Amanda is returning it to her. “We were just joking with you.”

“I’m glad I helped her, and Aaryn’s like, ‘No, don’t’!” – Amanda. “She’s mean-spirited” on Aaryn.

Jeremy is approaching the HoH room. He is saying that he is willing to compete and help and to do anything to stay there. “I will not ever go against y’all ever again. We can flip this House upside-down.”

Jeremy says that Elissa and Helen would stay in the game, and he’d put up Aaryn and Kaitlin on the block. He’d change his attitude. He’d be a completely different man. He would protect Elissa and Helen. He’s grown more in this House than the past three years.

“Y’all give me one more week, and I’ll give you the rest of my game.”

Helen thinks that the decision is very hard. “It’s an offer that is very strong.”

“I like talking to you. Right now.” – Elissa. “Right now, I like Jeremy.”

“This side of Jeremy should’ve come in on Day 1.” – Helen

Up next; if people think that McCrae and Amanda are an odd couple, what do their families think?

The eviction is coming up soon, live!

Commercial break

And we’re back!

“Elissa, this is your first week not on the block.” – Julie

“It feels amazing! Thank-you for asking.” – Elissa

“Candice, your bed was flipped over. How are things in the house now?” – Julie

“We’ve moved on, we’re doing much better. Thank-you for asking.” – Candice

“So many thank-you’s tonight!” – Julie

“She’s a high-end real estate agent. He’s a pizza boy.” – Julie.

On their families…

… McCrae. “That’s my boy! My son is a unique individual.”

… Amanda. “Amanda’s dated quite a bit. She’s very persuasive. She usually gets what she wants.” “I think that Amanda wears the pants in the relationship.” – Dad

“I think that Amanda has a very strong personality, and hopefully, she won’t overpower McCrae.” “I am secretly wondering that he is a CEO of a software company.” – her Mom.

“Find out how you at home will have more power than ever before.” – Julie

Commercial break

Live voting is beginning!

Jeremy’s speech: “No mystery or shock in what is about to happen. I hope that we can all be friends after this.”

Aaryn’s: “I want to thank everyone involved in helping me come here, I will be so thankful for keeping me here, but I will respect you in anything that you do.”

Spencer: “It’s been a wonderful experience.”


Candice: Jeremy

Andy: Jeremy

Howard: Jeremy

Elissa: Jeremy “I vote to evict ma dude Jeremy”

Kaitlin: Spencer

Ginamarie: Jeremy

Amanda: Jeremy “I vote to evict Germy” oh my gosh, lol. Did I hear right?

McCrae: “For eating the last pizza in the house, I vote to evict Jeremy.” LOL

Jessie: Jeremy.

Judd: Jeremy

One vote to evict Spencer, and the rest to evict Jeremy.

Commercial break

Jeremy is evicted. At-least he walked out with class! He was respectful about it, and I think that he was expecting it. Kaitlin is sad, of course, but she’s not bawling like Ginamarie was

He walked out with a smile on his face. Seemed like a nice guy. Wish he was like that at-first in the House!

He thinks that he might’ve come in a little bit too cocky when he first entered the House. He said it is in his blood “to win”. He walked out with his head high, “didn’t throw anything”. He “humbled down a bit”, he walked in one guy, and walked in a different one.

He said that he’s not a bully, he says that it comes out because he’s so big and all of his tattoos, lol

“Being in the house with sixteen crazy people, lets you see things in different perspectives” “I’ll be humble about it, hopefully” – Jeremy

“Jeremy, you became too arrogant” – McCrae

“I’m glad you’re out of this house” – Elissa

“I’m sorry you were evicted tonight, and had you come in with the personality that you had this week, you would’ve won the game” – Helen

“I’m not gonna be sad, I can’t want to see you when this is all over” – Kaitlin

He’ll see when she gets out!

America gets to vote for the third nominee! Not the MVP, I think? So, vote vote vote! jdsfdsl next Wednesday’s show will show the new nominee!

Commercial break

HoH Comp

lol Helen is wearing a crown.

Pick A or B in who you feel America is more deserving of the title. Last HG standing is HoH.

Q1: Crowned Earl of Egotisim? Aaryn or Jessie


Q2: Lord of Laziness? Judd or McCrae

McCrae. Andy, Amanda, Elissa, and Candice got out.

Q3: Baron of Boneheads? Spencer or Ginamarie?

Ginamarie, everyone stays

Q4: Knight of Naughtiness? Amanda or Kaitlin?

Amanda, everyone stays

Q5: Duke of Dork? Andy, Helen?

Andy. Aaryn, Jessie are out

Q6: Sultan of exy? Elissa or Howard?

Elissa. Howard and Spencer are out


Answer is a number.

Q: Scary-Dary comp. How many galleons of milk to fill all three of the vats that Howard, Spencer, and McCrae were standing in?

Judd: 650, KAITLIN 410, MCCRAE 600




Commercial break

‘Yo the screen is frozen. I don’t know how the HG’s will react to Julie’s twist about America being the MVP, but I’m sure that they’ll be shocked and surprised. I wonder how Elissa will feel 😮

Well, thanks for reading you guys!

Look for a new Post on Sunday or maybe earlier!


– Louise

P.S. Thank-you SOO so much for 476 HITS! I really appreciate it!

P.P.S. Anyone watch the show “Camp”? 😮 It’s pretty funny. It’s on on Tuesday nights!

P.P.P.S. Anyone know that game called like “Hollywood Game Night” or something, with Jane Lynch as the host? It looks really good 😮 I think it’s on after BB, but again, the screen is frozen. bah.


Dan Gheesling's "tweet" tonight

Dan Gheesling’s “tweet” tonight

Retweeted by Nick himself, lol!


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