R.I.P., Cory Monteith.

15 Jul

** I did not edit/own this photo.x

Hello, everybody.

So, today is a sad Post because I wanted to talk about the death of Cory Monteith.

At-first, when I had heard the news, I had heard it from my sister who told me that my “sweet as whole” sister had told her that Cory Monteith was dead.

I was in disbelief. “What? Cory Monteith isn’t dead. She’s lying.” That was what I had said, or something along the lines of.

I thought about it, not recalling anything like that having come up in the news as of late. Cory Monteith was dead. He was still alive. He’s a star on “Glee”, playing Finn Hudson.

That is, until I opened up my Dad’s iPad and searched up “Cory Monteith” and typed it into Google.

The first headline? “CORY MONTEITH IS DEAD”

… uhum, what?

I had totally though that it wasn’t real, that it was all a hoax because there are so many fake celebrity death stories out there that pretty soon you don’t believe it until the truth seems very real and people that knew the person are talking about it.

it wasn’t until later on in the night when I searched him up on Google again, and this was a few hours later, and one of the search suggestions that came up with like “Cory Monteith dead”. There were more news stories, saying that he had died at the age of 31 in Vancouver, at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel.

I logged into my Twitter and saw one Tweet on my Feed regarding Cory Monteith.

I then looked over at the hashtags and saw “Vancouver” being one of the top ones. and then I clicked on it, and saw Cory Monteith in every other Tweet or so.

I then looked at one of the news stories again, and saw that some of Cory’s castmembers from “Glee” had “tweeted” about it. and I looked at their account, and saw. I looked at Selena Gomez’s, and Taylor Swift (they knew him and were affiliated with him for a little bit- bowling and “Monte Carlos”, I think). I looked at the screenshot of Mark Salling’s “tweet” that simply read “no”. I think it was later deleted.

and then it hit me. Cory Monteith was actually dead.


Cory Monteith was a wonderfully talented young actor who died at such a young age. I feel like he could’ve done more had he lived longer, and he held a lot of promise. He could sing, and he could act. Now, I’m not a huge fan like others are, but I knew of him, and I knew of the things that he had participated in somewhat, and I knew that he was a good singer and a good actor. I respected him. and now what? He’s gone, just like thatI don’t think that I have ever heard of a death in the news of a famous person such as him to just die, just like that. and apparently he had been dead for a few hours before his body had been discovered in the hotel, because he was supposed to check out on the Saturday, but he never did. His death shocked me, and I still can’t believe it even now. I think the last time that I was overly shocked by a famous person’s death was when Michael Jackson died. For other stars, like Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy- I recall hearing about their deaths, but I hardly knew them, so I wasn’t as shocked. I was sad, of course, but their deaths didn’t hit me quite as hard as Cory Monteith’s. I think the reason why I was shocked over Cory’s death was because he was still young, living life, doing things that made people happy, and he had girlfriend (who apparently was planning for their wedding), and he had a family, and he had friends, and fans. That’s not to say that the stars like Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy didn’t have family. My goodness, everyone was devastated when they heard of those news. I think it was because I knew more of Cory Monteith that his death hit me harder, and the fact that I had done a project about him with a friend in Gr. 10, and I remember gushing over how adorable he was, and how he was Canadian, and how he seemed like such a sweet, down-to-Earth guy. I felt like I knew more about what this guy was like than the other people. and I think that’s why I still feel like his death was unreal. That it had to be fake.

But it wasn’t, and that’s the scary part. It’s terrible to think that because of his death, “Glee” will never be the same. It’s terrible to think that because of his death, his friends, family, and fans will never be the same. and it’s terrible to think that because of his death, his girlfriend,  Lea Michele, will never be the same.

I am just so sorry to hear about these news, and it hit everybody like a ton of bricks (which is a low exaggeration). I’m not going to jump into any conclusions as to how he died, even though I know some people think that it was drug-related- I won’t jump into any conclusion until I know the real reason as to how he died. and that he died alone, which is a sad thought to just about anybody.

R.I.P., Cory Monteith. You’ll forever be missed, and just remember that everyone will continue to remember you, and that you’ll forever be loved.


– Louise

** I did not edit or take the photo of Cory above. I also do not own any of the links I have provided.

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