BB15: Episode 8! [SPOILERS AHEAD]

14 Jul



Let’s begin!

So apparently everyone liked Aaryn in the house except for the four?

Mm-hmm, okay

Ginamarie is crying. It’ll continue for a while, I can assure you.

Amanda is saying that she is “sad”, but she really isn’t.

Aaryn is telling Ginamarie that she’s gotta win HoH.

Kaitlyn is saying that Jessie didn’t vote out Nick, and that she’ll find out.

Ginamarie is yelling out that everyone is “stupid”. She’s yelling at the whole house. Calling them “losers”. Stop bullying, stop being so rude.

“Ginamarie is going bat-bleep-crazy” – Amanda, lol

She is.

McCrae voted out Nick because the MC was pushing him to make a choice between them and Amanda.

Ginamarie is still yelling


“Study children. You CAN get A+’s!” LOL Helen

Apparently Jeremy’s chin is “too pretty to lie low”

I love how the house is divided

Jeremy said that he applauded their gameplay [on approaching Elissa, Candice, and Helen]

Kaitlyn and Aaryn are talking. Apparently they are the minority.

“He left his hat.” Ginamarie is still crying as she approaches them

She wanted to kiss him, and she’s really gonna miss him

What is she crying into?

Apparently those three girls don’t want to be in the House anymore… Ginamarie just wants to be happy

Aaryn and Katilyn are confronting Jessie, asking about her loyalty and why she lied to their faces.

Kaitlyn is getting mad at Judd because he walked into the room, but he said that it was “his house too”, which is true

Aaryn is throwing pillows all over the room

tossing the mattress to the side

Is she crazy?

I think so

Commercial break

Jessie walks back into the room and Kaitlyn comes in, and is annoying Jessie

Candice walks in to see her pillow is on the floor and her mattress is on the ground.

Jessie doesn’t want any company yet Jeremy won’t get off the bed, and Kaitlyn is like “this is so high-school”…

Aaryn wwalks in… she’s acting so racist right now against Candice!

“What you gonna do girl? Class girl” Aaryn. Are you flipping kidding me?

Now Ginamarie is acting racist. Saying that her… ugh, I can’t even write it down. Those girls are so racist I just want to throw them all out of the house they’re just pissing me off.

Howard and Candice are now talking. “Racist remarks” were called to them, and Candice says that she doesn’t want to hide from them. she is crying, and Howard is comforting her. Aaryn, Kaitlyn, and Ginamarie disgust me. Ugh.

Howard is such a good person. Always comforting, I appreciate that. and I’m sure the other houseguests that he associates with appreciate that as well. Good for him.

We’re back to Jessie and the people in her room.

They’re arguing.

Amanda is entering, and wants to speak. Amanda is telling them to stop picking on Jessie because she said that she went over to their side where a majority of the people are because they (Jeremy, Kaitlyn, Aaryn, and Ginamarie) were all bullying people! So true!

“You’re racist on this show.” – Amanda

“I didn’t say anything racist” – Aaryn

LOL Aaryn you’re so funny you piss me off extensively.

“You’re a liar!”- Aaryn

“… What game are you playing? We’re on BB.” LOL AMANDA I LOVE THIS KID

“Aaryn is one of the meanest people that I have ever met” – Candice. She is SOO RIGHT

“If Aaryn thinks that she’s playing a good game… she’s living in delirium” – Helen

“Anyone who has ever been discriminated, is pulling for you” – Helen to Candice

Commercial break

Amanda and McCrae are talking.

He has a secret to tell her.

She’s promising to not get upset

“There was a boy’s alliance. It was called the Moving Company. It was me, Nick, Howard, Spencer, Jeremy. That’s kinda how David left, because David wasn’t a part of it.”

Her first reaction was “Good job, McCrae! You even slid that one past me. Idiot.” oh Amanda!

McCrae is calling Amanda his queen. He wants to keep her.

She says that she trusts him! She took this really well! Good for her!

Ginamarie is still crying.

Candice can see her crying, and she hates to see a person cry, and she goes to consult her in that moment. Good for Candice to. She’s a nice person.

Aaryn says that she’s “sorry”. WOW. That’s a first. She says that she’s has nothing against a race. She is “sincere” in her apology. She says that they didn’t see “eye-to-eye”. She doesn’t want Candice to be spreading things around her that isn’t true, and she doesn’t want Candice to think of her as the kind of person who is racist(?).

Candice accepts her apology. but she doesn’t believe her. Her apology is like “dirt”. She’s no gonna be nice, or mean to her. She’s gonna act like Aaryn doesn’t exist. She’s just gonna act like everything is “peaceful”.

Commercial break

Have Have-Not Comp!

They’re supposed to move the rotten milk to the trough and fill up their empty milk jug.

Jeremy and Helen are sitting it out, which is expected

Howard is throwing the comp because he is in a group with Ginamarie, Kaitlyn, and Kaitlyn. LOL

They’re throwing the milk so hard, lol

Aaryn got more of the milk on her head then in the pail LOL

The Red Team is eating no slop! Elissa, Andy, and Candice! Yay!


lol oh my goodness. Howard was throwing it as hard a he could but McCrae was worse, apparently

Jeremy and Helen are talking to Helen. Told Helen that they made an alliance with the MC

She killed the MC and got one of Jeremy’s alliances out

Jeremy said that he wasn’t in the game to make a wife, so Kaitlyn being put up wouldn’t affect him? She doesn’t trust him, but she could use him in the game.

Helen is confronting Howard about the vote. She wants to trust him, but she knows that someone is lying. She’s talking about the vote.

Howard told her that he had voted Nick to stay in the house. She could evict him for lying. She wants to know about the guy’s alliance. He is saying that there was no guy alliance. sdfdks lie. Helen knows that he is lying.

Commercial break


Elissa is so happy! Yay!

Elissa is safe

Andy is safe


McCrae is safe

Amanda is safe

Ginamarie is safe

Judd is safe

Jessie is safe

Howard is safe

Spencer is safe

Jeremy is safe

Kaitlyn and Aaryn are up for eviction! Elissa is smiling. “Both strong competitors” – Helen

Jeremy is okay with Kaitlyn being up.

Helen thinks that Aaryn deserves to go home.

I’m very happy with these nominations! Tune in on Wednesday for my next Post on BB!

Thank-you for reading, and g’night!

– Louise

P.S. I will be making a Post after this one regarding Cory Monteith’s death.

P.P.S. Thank-you VERY much for the 406 HITS! I really appreciate it! Just… wow! That’s so cool, so thank-you.


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