Worn-Out but EXCITED!

8 Jul

Hey, everybody!

I managed to squeeze in a Post amongst all the eating that I do! Yaay!

I’m soo hungry right now, it’s not even funny. I was told by my sister that I can’t cook pasta at 10:30PM. Pfft. Whatever.

I like eating cooked food late at night, okay

So today I had my first day of the camp that I volunteer for every Summer! I was really excited for the kids. Woke up at 5:30AM, pumped, fell asleep again because I didn’t need to be up that early, and then I woke up at 6-ishAM and decided to wake up.

My Mom drove me over there and I had two small banana and chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. They sure are tasty. Mm-mm. I could eat a whole box, but I really actually shouldn’t.

Anyways, I got there, and the director gave us a talk where she told us about some things, gave us water, T-Shirts, muffins, and then she answered questions and notes that she wrote for herself. It was a helpful session and I appreciate listening to those things every year. It keeps me in-tune with what I need to do.

After the chat, we went outside to go meet our kids.

and at-first, no kids showed up.

Myself and my younger leader waited patiently, making conversation, getting to know each other.

A few minutes past. Kids were arriving to other groups, but not ours. I got excited when a Mom came by and asked us if we had a so-and-so in the group, but we shook our heads. Elation came down.

Waited some more. We got worried. All of our kids couldn’t have been all that late.

and then it turned into that stage where no kids show up and I just started laughing. I mean, it was kind-of funny.

and then a kid shows up! YAY!

but he wasn’t even on the list; he had just registered. I found that really funny.

I’m kinda tired but maybe I’ll edit this later. Or talk about it tomorrow or something :O

BB tomorrow! Yay! Talk to you guys later! I’m glad that I managed to sneak in a little Post for you guys! I’m sorry that it’s not complete.

Ciao for now!

– Louise

P.S. THANK-YOU for the 361 HITS! I really appreciate it!

P.P.S. This layout, like the photo is lovely that opens up the whole Post, and then the “Plus Ultra” looks pretty darn fantastic. Check it out!



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