BB15 Episode 5 (SPOILERS)! and Apologies.

7 Jul

Hey everybody!

I’m sorry that I never posted! For three days! I really didn’t mean to, but it just totally swept my mind. I was originally going to post yesterday and the day before, but guess what- I forgot. Silly me. Except not really.

I’m really sorry that I never posted! But I hope this Post makes up for it!

… and BB15 commentating begins now!

“They made it personal after they went after David” and then she says that she doesn’t trust anyone after talking about randomly drawing Jeremy. Well, gee, Aaryn, I still don’t like you. I’m sorry. You say you don’t trust anyone but then you  were happy that Jeremy was your partner for the HoH comp? Uhum, okay?

Ginamarie is back! She kinda disappeared for two episodes or so! So, Nick and Ginamarie are “close-alliances”? Alright! I wonder who Spencer’s “close-alliance” is? 😮

HoH Comp

I really hope that Elissa and Andy win this HoH comp!

lol “I thought right away that we needed the big scooper because I was with Spencer” oh Helen.

Everyone is slipping and sliding bah

LOL AMANDA “The good thing about crawling on all-fours is a.) I can’t fall, and b.) I won’t pop an implant”.

“She’s breathing heavy and I’m having a little bit of a moment right now” – McCrae… some things you just don’t want to know, eh?

Sweet! Judd and Nick won the big scooper! I hope that they can catch up! It’d be great! and same with Howard and Jessie.

It’s been an hour so far. Who will win? Jeremy and Aaryn are like half-way through the small-scooper jug?

Elissa and Andy are now neck-in-neck with Aaryn and Jeremy.


Oh, please

‘oh, dear. I think that


I hope that Jeremy and Aaryn don’t win.

I think that Jeremy can almost reach the ball, but Andy can’t. Crap!

Commercial Break








This is intense





“I got that ball, baby” yeah, okay. Cool, Jeremy.

“We did this for David” yeah, okay, Aaryn.Aaryn is going to be HoH. Uhum. Okay.

Jeremy, I wish that he was HoH instead of her because he’s a part of the Moving Company and the Moving Company would have helped influence his decisions.

After the HoH Comp

“Who voted for David to be evicted”? Aaryn? Why would you ask this?  “He’s not my boyfriend”.

She voted Elissa, Andy, Helen, and Candice. Y’know, Aaryn was being homophobic and rascist. Yep, those feeds are on YouTube. So I know she had a reason behind this, she is such a poo. That’s my suspicion. she’s like never even TALKED to Helen or Andy or Candice. Ugh. Is it because she hangs around Elissa that she targeted Helen as a Have-Not for the second week in a row? and Andy?

Maybe Spencer’s side-alliance is Candice?

Helen and Elissa! They seem like great friends.

I agree with Helen- I hope that neither her or Elissa go home before Aaryn!

“I’m keeping my friends close and my Aaryn’s closer” LOL ANDY

Aaryn’s HoH Room

“This is Clowny, my first stuffed animal” – Aaryn

“… supposed to be cute on the outside

it is really scary and it may come to life at night

and kill people” – Amanda, this girl makes me laugh!

“Some people in here have no heart and I feel like everyone is lying” – Aaryn… oh, Aaryn, Aaryn, Aaryn… if only you knew what people think of you.

“and if it’s you Nick, I’m gonna come after you in your sleep” – Uhum, yeah, okay, Aaryn, don’t try to be a serial killer in the house, okay?

Commercial Break

“Liver and Lima-Beans” is the Have-Not Menu!

sndfdls ew. Lima-beans I think would be alright, but liver…

“She makes rascist remarks, too” Good for you, Amanda! For bringing it to the public! and Howward!

“Go make some rice” That’s so rascist!  Aaryn! Disrespectful!

Howard! Thank-you, BB, CBS, for making this open in the public eye! She’s so rascist. Ugh.

Helen is putting together pieces- “What if Spencer is working with Jeremy?”

“I think Nick is the one to watch.” Same with Candice! “A boy super-group and we don’t know about it. Jeremy, Nick, and Spencer… Howard could be in it, too. but then how does Crae-Crae fall into the picture?” It’d be pretty neat if they figured it out.

What would you guys vote for the Have-Nots next week?

A.) Coconuts and Cabbage

B.) Grapefruit and Guacamole

C.) Mincemeat and Marshmellows

You can vote until the 13th? I think? I don’t know if I heard correctly.

These choices aren’t half-bad. I actually wouldn’t mind them, except maybe the Coconut and maybe possibly Guacamole.

Commercial Break

Jessie wants a lover in the house. He’s walking away from her

“Why do you hate me?”

“I don’t…” lol Nick is so tired about it.

Why does Jessie keep on following him around? Uhum. Okay. “I’m serving you in your natural habitat?”

“Talk about Stage-5 Clinger!” lol Nick.

No conversation is made. He feels awkward. Jessie joined him on the bed. No conversation still. Ginamarie is lying there.

Helen is talking with Aaryn.

… everyone talks game with the HoH, it’s kinda like one of the things that peopel do when they feel in danger.

Noo! Don’t go after Amanda! I think she’s hilarious and she could do a lot of things in the game, if she wanted to. She’s strong-minded and she really stands up for what she thinks isn’t right either in the DR or to people’s faces like last episode, I think it was.

Ah. Such hard choices to make.

Commercial break

Back! Aaryn is choosing who to nominate.

Elsisa with no make-up. Woah. 😮 Or at-least very little. Yeah.

Candice’s earrings are BIG

Nomination Ceremony:

Jeremy is safe

Kaitlin is safe

Andy is safe

Nick is safe

Judd is safe

McCrae is safe

Ginamarie is safe

Spencer is safe

Jessie is safe

Amanda is safe (Yay!)

Howard is safe

Candice is safe

Helen and Elissa are nominated. Surprise, surprise.

“I think that David deserved to be here more than you” – Aaryn.

David was more here for the showmance…

… lol it’d be great if Elissa won the MVP.








I can’t wait to see Tuesday’s episode! Woo-hoo!

I’ll be talking to you guys later! Maybe tomorrow, I hope! If not, then Tuesday!

Thanks for reading this, you guys! Let me know your thoughts and opinions down below!

– Louise

P.S. Thank-you soo much for the 355 HITS! I really appreciate it! It’s really nice of you guys!

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