What Is With My Late Posts + BB15 SLIGHT REVIEW

2 Jul

Hello, everybody!

I don’t know why I’m posting when it’s ten minutes from the day being over. It kinda sucks, because maybe I wanted to write a lot but I don’t know how much I can do in ten minutes or less. I apologize.

but ANYWAYS. BB15! I haven’t even started blogging about that yet. Sucky! I’ll do it either in the short minutes of the day that I have left, or tomorrow, because there is a BB episode tomorrow (and also the eviction soo… MAN)! Yay yay yay I love me some BB.

I can tell you all my thoughts and opinions and likewise probably tomorrow, but in the first episode of this season, I had liked Aaryn and Nick, and I could say many things about the way that David’s hair is sculpted. and I’m not really a fan of Spencer because of his attitude he displayed early on in the episode… I don’t remember what it was that I didn’t like about him… and then Jeremy, I don’t really like. He’s… “modest”. lol like what Jeff had said, if I remember. Or was that about another guy? (and the “modest” thing I am joking about. He wasn’t really in what I had seen in the clip of the interview)

Now, I’m not such a fan of Aaryn anymore. Racist comments and homophobic slurs? Her use of the word “audacity”? Go check out Britney’s tweets. They made my night tonight as I thought of Kathy in the caramel (I found it soo funny that I thought the same thing as her!) and TECHNOTRONICS. During the spelling VETO? Too. funny. “Rafts”… and the fact that David didn’t spell anything… I think I laughed too hard.

This season, I think, will make me laugh a lot. and I really hope that David goes home because I don’t really like him (and that conversation that he had with Aaryn after he got put up on the block… my word), the fact that he’s only there for a SHOWMANCE and not the MONEY (I mean, why bother with BB, then), and I am really curious to see what Elissa can do to stir up things in the house and stuff. I hope it favours out that way!

So, I agree with Nick (I still like this guy, although he’s quite confident)! David needs to go, I’m sorry.

G’night, everyone!

– Louise


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