28 Aug

“The desire to write grows with writing.Desiderius Erasmus”

Hey guys! 🙂 Louise here.

So when I first clicked the WordPress site just now, my reaction was “Woah.” :O

The thinger home-pager CHANGED!

and I was like, “Where do I log in?! This looks really modern now, but I did like the old version, but still, the upgrade is pretty.” 🙂

and then I found the “Log In” button and it had a key beside it. The Log-In Button is now a Royal Blue.

So how are you guys today? 🙂 Good? Bad? Okay? Lemme know in the comments below, if you’d like.

I’d like to say a nice THANK-YOU for 157 HITS! :’) I really do appreciate it.

It may sound annoying for me to say that over and over again, but I wanna make you guys feel like the amazing and fantastic people are for visiting me and reading my silly Posts :-B

I get really excited when I see even just ONE new HIT, and then I look at the little bar thinger at the Top of my page and I see that there was 5 VIEWS in the last 48 HOURS which is super cool, I appreciate it.

So for the past two days? I have been watching BB11 and can I just say that Ronnie NEEDS to go and Chima is such an UGH and Russell keeps his word, which is great for Jordan and Jeff 🙂

I was sad with the nominations during the first few weeks. ** SPOILS ** Taking away Jeff and Jordan’s allies 😦 I really liked ’em. ** END OF SPOILER **

You guys should watch it! It’s an intense, hilarious, addicting Season which I think you guys will enjoy. 🙂

Of course, if you’ve already seen it, feel free to chat about with me ! Without any Spoilers, if possible? I dunno if that is haha


Oh, so today I went to go get my French Block because that’s what I’m missing from my schedule and IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

My schedule is, for the moment, un-changeable, and if I changed Math for French, I would have nowhere to put my Math and there is NO WAY I am taking Math online.

It seems that I hafta do French online :/ Which sucks, because I get distracted while online and I really wanna do well. : ( I hope something opens up that I can work my Schedule around, I really do.

So that’s all for today, might be heading somewhere tomorrow (HOORAYS! I haven’t gone anywhere ALL Summer so it’s gonna be great) soo gotta make sure I have room on my camera to take photos! 🙂

Have a great night everyone, and HERE’S TO A POST AT 9:32PM WOOO EARLIER THAN USUAL, A TREAT FOR YOU ALL! (lol I was tempted to use “y’all”, seemed like the appropriate time to use it :-B)

Thanks for reading, guys! 🙂

Talk to yah all tomorrow! 🙂

– Louise =]


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