Neil Armstrong.

25 Aug

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.Phyllis Theroux”

^ I love this Quote.

Hey guys! 🙂 Louise here.

This post is about Neil Armstrong; I had only heard of his death some hours ago from Karen, and I was shocked because I didn’t know that he was still alive (horrible, I know that I thought that he wasn’t alive) but that he had actually DIED today at 2:45PM.

He died at age 82 because of complications from his “recent cardiac bypass surgery”.

Here is an interesting article I think you should all read:

and here is a Blog Post written about Neil Armstrong on today’s “Freshly Pressed”: .

May he rest in peace.

– Louise =]

P.S. Watched some of 2012 today in HD and now I am freaked out… again.

That movie is inSANE.

P.P.S. Thank-you SO so much for 142 HITS! :’) I really appreciate it. So thank-you, guys :’)

and how’s this for an earlier Post? 10:21PM. lol.


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