(Spoilers for those who haven’t viewed BB14 Thursday’s, today’s episode) – Ian and Boogie

23 Aug

“Writing is a struggle against silence.Carlos Fuentes”

Hey guys! 🙂 Louise here.

So today I am here to talk about BB14 again, so if you haven’t seen tonight’s episodeREAD NO FURTHER.


Wow! So tonight’s episode was SO. FLIPPIN’. CRAZY.

So many things went down in tonight’s Double Eviction episode. :O

It was absolutely insane.

So, first things first, Jen was acting absolutely NUTS about being put up as a Pawn, because in BB sometimes the Pawns go home, so she was freaking out all over the place and acting crazy when in reality she should’ve RELAXED and CALMED THE HECK DOWN because HONESTLY SHE WAS NOT THE TARGET, BOOGIE WAS. Holy crud.

If I was there, I probably would’ve voted her out due to her crazy actions. Maybe. I think she should’ve KNOWN she wasn’t the target, I mean seriously, c’mon, who’s the biggest threat? Her or Boogie?


When Boogie was sent home (he’ll getta see his boys, though!) by a vote of 5-2 (Ashley and Frank voted to keep Boogie in the Game), he got some Good-bye messages (I am, personally, now realizing it, sad that Boogie is not a member of the Jury, would’ve liked to see him go into the Jury House, but he was the last person to go before Jury started :/):

Britney’s message? Absolutely phe-NOM-enal!

Ian’s? GENIUS! Learned from the Master!

WATCH WATCH WATCH Britney and Ian revealed all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RHre38mJBc


I hafta say it, gonna suck not seeing Boogie on this show, he was a good player. 

Even if he did get on my nerves a lot haha


Ian won HoH, nice job man :] 

Britney was SOO close!

Not a fan of Danielle, sorry. Maybe in time?


Puts Frank on the Block. No surprise there.

Ashley is put up. Maybe Ian is doing this to break up Frank and Ashley from whatever they were doing up there? 😉


Frank won Power of Veto!

This kid is like a Super-guy!

“9 Lives” – Quoted by Britney


Ashley left the BB House.


I’m sorry but she did bad with Ian and I just couldn’t stand her, her voice just kinda droned on and on and it  sounded like all of the words connected and man the way she walked out of the BB House was like COME ON I mean seriously?! I couldn’t stand her anymore and now she is a member of the Jury. Let’s see what happens!



That’s all for today’s Post!

How was your guy’s day today? 🙂 Good? Alright? Bad? Fantastic? Lemme know in the comments below and DISCUSS BB if YAH WATCH IT! :’)

Thanks for reading and see yah all tomorrow! 🙂

– Louise =]


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