Guinea Pigs as Food?! + Olympics and LINKS.

10 Aug

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.W. Somerset Maugham”

^ Very funny! Sounds familiar :-B

Hey guys! 🙂 Louise here.

So I was just reading this Blog Post, and I was just reading along, admiring the quality of the photos and then I saw guinea pigs as food.

D: I first I thought it was a rat, yesh, both are rodents, but it wasn’t, I read the Caption…

Here is the Post:

Now, I know that I should not be surprised and shocked as I am, or horrified, because people in other places eat like dogs 😦 and horse meat? and turtles and all that… it just shocked me because you don’t see Canadians eating that, right?

Peru people eat this, I totally understand, it’s a delicacy of theirs, so I won’t delve into it anymore. I don’t really want to :S

On other news, I was watching some of PD2 and it was hilarious, of course, I’ve watched it a a few or a number of times… Princess Diaries 2 is definitely a movie to watch if you enjoy humour, romance, family-moments… and if you liked or watched the first movie as well :-B

^ Maybe I should review this movie on my Movie Blog! 🙂 I have not began it yet D: but I hope to create a Post soon.

For the record my Movie Blog is 🙂 haha I like that Domain name :-B

Anywhoos, back to PD2…

Chris Pine! That was the first time I ever saw him, I think. In PD2.

Man, you’ve gotta love that guy :”) He’s just adorable and he reminds me of someone I know, someone I like haha, I like both :-B

I saw the trailer for “People Like Us” today and I would really like to watch it… hopefully I can! 🙂

Here’s the trailer, doesn’t it look really good? 🙂

I keep on thinking that lady, his sister, looks like that girl, Jamie, from Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds (hilarious movie, btw, watched most of it and it was very funny). lol.

And here is a video of Chris being interview by Ellen in 2010! Very funny. –

HE’S SO ADORABLE and he even kinda sounds like the guy I like :O Deeper voiced, though, of course.

Now I shall give you all a lotta links that I found interesting.

Move to Beat. Should be Canada’s Soccer. I apologize if it is not because I cannot view the video but I saw in on CTV and I think this may be it.

Brilliant video!

and in the mood of the Olympics…


It was the Men’s 10km Marathon, Time – 1:50:00.3 sec .

Richard Weinberger

Richard Weinberger of Victoria’s Results in the London 2012 Olympics on Day 14, August. 10th, 2012.

To any other Medal winners and other Canadian athletes today like Ryan Cochrane and his partner in Kayaking? and the Freestyle Wrestling? GOOD JOB and GOOD LUCK to those who made it to the Finals and GOOD EFFORT AND JOB to those who didn’t! 🙂

How did everyone do in the Google Doodle today? :-B lol actually did okay :-B 2 stars! Hoorays! Saved 14 Soccer Balls?

Erms… haha wasn’t on my laptop during that time but I took a screenshot of what I just did…

… alrighty never mind the Google Doodle just changed to Rhythmic Gymnastics, here is what I screenshotted earlier today on my laptop…

… actually never mind I changed my mind it’s too embarrassing I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING AT THE TIME DON’T THINK BADLY OF ME D: I won’t show it lol bad results, worse than the one not on my laptop :-B

awhs Richard just yelled out, “I LOVE YOU MOM!” :’) That’s adorable.

Okays, here are some more links:

I rather like this magazine, although I haven’t purchased it in ages… it’s GL (Girl’s Life). <– Cools! 🙂 <– Teeth. <– I like lunch ! : ) <– You see, I thought that too… odd that McDonalds was a sponsor (well, they are very popular) and the Cocoa-Cola, I mean, those aren’t exactly healthy for ze athletes… :S <– Maybe.

Arightys this Post is already really long, I’ll end here.

Check out the links, no matter how old youkayakin are! 🙂 You could find something interesting in there! 😉

No, I didn’t forget, thank-you guys SO so much for 4 HITS today, making 98 HITS IN TOTAL! :’) Thank-you SO so much for reading my Blog! :’) It really does mean a lot, so THANK-YOU ❤ :’)

Thanks for reading guys, and once again, good job to all the teams of the Olympics! 🙂 I wonder what the Closing Ceremony will look like! :O On Sunday, don’t miss it!



– Louise =]

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