Gonna Be a Quick, Flashy One.

7 Aug

“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.Anais Nin”

Hey guys! 🙂 Louise here.

So I’m gonna go and make this post uber (über?) short, we just had lightning and thunder and that caused a power outage (does WordPress save it if there’s a Power Outage? :O If so that’d be flippin’ fantastic); so, worrying about that, I am deciding to not type for very long (sorry ’bout that :/).

How are you guys are doing? 🙂 Good? Well? Bad? Angry?

I went to go see the Doctor’s today after my violin lesson and, as I expected, just take some medicine but I should also dry it, the throat.

I was confused, I have been drinking water because I am thirsty… hmm…

The lightning and thunder did scare me, I hafta admit… when the lightning came, in that big flashy flash, like it was doing a walk in the stars except it did it extra flashy because it doesn’t come around like stars do, so I think they just wanted their time to shine.
And as for the thunder, the rumbling must have been the lightning’s husband… or Zeus. I don’t think he’s arguing for the Lightning Thief, though. That’s long done.

Anyways, I’d like to say a Congratulatory to my our fellow Canadian that scored a BRONZE in the Men’s High-Jump? I’m sorry, I don’t know what it’s called, but it was awesome and good job to him 🙂 It’s his first Olympics, too, I think! 🙂 Soo cool!
As for our other Canadians, on the Track (like Jessica Zelinka) and in the Triathlon, I’m sorry to hear about that, and I wish we could’ve made it, but you all did a great job and even though you might’ve been stopped at least you did some of it. :] It sucks that it was the Triathlon’s last Olympic, though (Simon Whitfield) 😦

Another thing… I saw on the News today that a Zedonk was produced and it is absolutely aDORable ! : ‘ )

I dunno if that was the exact Zedonk I saw in the news, I know Zedonk’s were discovered before this one, but I thought I’d just like to share this news with you guys 🙂

This Zedonk will never mate 😦

So sad 😦

Wells, I hope you enjoyed this short little thing, and great job to all the teams, Russia and Great Britain now have the same amount of medals, 48, but Britain pushed their way back from fourth to third place, switching with Russia, who is now in fourth.

Good job everyone! 🙂

– Louise =]

P.S. I saw the Gymnastics and it was very cool, I missed who won though… there was a Russian, an American, an Italian… lemme know if you know, thanks 🙂 There were like five girls? Six, maybe?

P.P.S. For reference: http://anxietyandbiscuits.com/2012/08/06/a-very-british-olympics-its-the-taking-part-that-counts/


P.P.P.S. KAYAKER’S + ROWERS/CANOERS? RACE TOMORROW (Adam Van Koeverdan and Mark Oldershaw), I THINK, WOO GOOO CANADA! :’) You can do it! 🙂


2 Responses to “Gonna Be a Quick, Flashy One.”

  1. Chris Biscuits August 8, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    Hello Louise, thank you for stopping by and linking my post. Canada are my adopted second team in these Olympics – I have a lot of love for the Canucks.* I have a friend I met through blogging whose sister is a member of the Canadian Olympic Gymnast team, which is pretty damn cool.

    That Zedonk is lovely. Maybe the lady zedonks would like to mate with him if they got to know him a little better. Maybe they should stop being so shallow. He doesn’t look that ugly.

    * Unfortunately I don’t know enough about Canada to know if that is an inappropriate term for me to use. Sorry if it is. I plead ignorance.

    • laughinglouise August 8, 2012 at 10:36 pm #

      Hey! 🙂 If I am allowed to call you by your first name, then (Chris)! 🙂
      – Please excuse the amount of smileys I use, and the fact that I enjoy typing long comments. Thank-you haha –
      For sure! 🙂 It was no problem. I esp. liked the part of “Heebie GB’s”.
      You’re from Great Britain (please excuse me if I read it wrong)? Jessica was absolutely fanTASTIC on the Track! We’ve got a Jessica for Canada, too, I think both are great 🙂
      Really?! :O :O :O For reals?!
      That is SOO cool and nice of you! :’) Thanks for rooting for us! :’)
      No no! Canucks is A-Okay for you to say!
      I LOVE the Canucks. They are my favourite hockey team 🙂 I was so devastated when we did not make it to the Playoffs, and I refused to watch the rest of the Playoffs because the Canucks weren’t in it (childish? Probably.).
      and then, the team that beat the Canucks (the L.A. Kings), won the Stanley Cup! Wow! That’s just… wow.
      HOLY CRUD! That’s AMAZING! :O Which one is it? :O The Gymnast, I mean! haha
      One of my friend’s is a Gymnast too. I wonder if she’ll make it to the Olympics; she’s really quite good 🙂
      haha awh! That’s adorable haha
      That should definitely happen. I think he’d like it. 🙂
      – Louise =]

      P.S. I love all the accents that the Brits have. Although I shouldn’t really say that because my cousin, who comes from England, says I have an accent so I just think that all of us have accents and don’t realize it because we’ve grown up listening to the people who have our accent, so we just think that we don’t have one, but when we visit another country, we think they have an accent because we just haven’t grown-up listening to it (okay, that run-on sentence just kinda repeated itself…).

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