Feeling Under the Weather. Bleugh.

28 Jul

“Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own. Carol Burnett

Hey everybody! Louise here.

^Even though I wrote with an exclamation mark, doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily excited at the moment.  I feel dead. My throat hurts, my cheeks felt hot at some point today, and there was some pounding in my forehead.

Ugh. I just feel really tired right now. Might as well watch some T.V. Shows.

Big Brother is on tomorrow, so I’m excited to see that. I wonder who Shane will put up as his two nominees!

I hope to chat with you guys tomorrow.

I saw tennis on the London Olympics 2012 for Roger vrs. Alejandre (I think that’s how you spell his name), and I saw Beach Volleyball with China vrs. Russia (Russia won) which disappointed the China team because I think that they were expected to win but the Russians did a great job, and tads of Men’s Individual 400m Medley, I think it was, but stopped because Canada wasn’t in it and I was sad that the Canadian in the swimming one got kicked out because he started 1/100th’s too fast? I dunno. Got some details here and there.

I refuse to watch the NBC Channel for the Olympics because I’m too stubborn to go and watch it, I love Canada, so I watch CTV LOL LOL LOL but that does NOT mean that I do not like the Americans, I like ’em just fine, like Italians and French people and all that, I just like watching on this Canadian channel because well, I’m Canadian :-B

He’ll be doing the Freestyle Swimming in like 8 or 9 days? Next week? I don’t remember.

I hope you guys enjoyed the first day of the Olympic Games, and have a good night! 🙂

– Louise =]

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