A Big Brother Talk About Willie and Others… Plus Today’s Episode.

25 Jul

“Sometimes when I think how good my book can be, I can hardly breathe. Truman Capote

Hello everybody!

Louise here. πŸ™‚

I am here to talk about Big Brother today and maybe DayCamp stuffs but I think mainly BB.

Now, I never got to talk about Sunday’s episode, right? I just watched other BB videos instead of talking about it with you guys. This is gonna be one of my “thoughts”, hence the Subtitle for this Blog.

– Watch BB? Then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Don’t watch it but still interested? Read on, please! Thanks . πŸ™‚

Wanna watch it some other time? This holds Spoilers, in that case.

Read on if you’re okay with either of these three things!

Thanks! πŸ™‚ –

Sunday’s episode event, with the expulsion of Willie, happened on Friday.

I wrote a big long comment about this, and what I thought about the whole Willie event that took place.

I have valid reasons as to why I don’t think this was entirely all Willie’s fault (of course, I’m not defending his actions at all but I think it all built up to this).
Remember, this is just my opinion. You can agree or disagree with it. Your choice.

1. Do you guys remember that big fight that happened between Willie and Frank (btw I don’t like Frank anymore which I will explain WHY)? It must’ve happened the episode before Sunday’s or the one before that.
Anyways, it was a fight of mixed swear words and alliance talk and all that, just one getting upset after the other because I think it was Joe who must’ve told Frank that Willie was making “gay slurs” (btw if that is a bad word I DEEPLY apologize and I will take it out and try to replace it with another! :S) against Wil while up in the HoH room.
Willie had been saying that Wil was gonna take “24 hours off” from the BB Game I think and he was simply mimicking him, he was not trying to intentionally make fun of Wil himself. He was simply making a mimic, not making fun of him. It was Frank that was the one that twisted around the way that Willie had said it from his version from Joe (who had been in the HoH Room at the time with Willie along with a whole bunch of others).
When Frank had explained to Wil what Willie had said, he made his voice all high and waved his hands around, obviously something that Wil would be upset about. So it was Frank that had twisted everything up.
I think Wil was actually upset about that from Frank’s version of the story, but maybe then again it was for his Gameplay. You never know.
This was one of the things that stirred up the fight between Frank and Willie, causing them to not like each other anymore and not being “allianced” anymore.
Innocent people of the house sat by/stood and watched, not breaking up the fight of words exchanged between the two.

That was probably the first thing that stirred up Willie’s anger.

2. Frank is SAFE.
By a vote of 5-3 (I think), Kara was voted to leave the BB House.
Second thing that made him angry. Frank didn’t get voted out of the house and he knew that if Frank managed to win HoH, he would not think twice about putting him up on the block for Nominations.

3. Frank was nominated as HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD.
After the fight that he and Willie just had?
Willie knows that he will be put up on the Block against another. Probably one of his teammates because they were allianced with him and had voted to get Frank out of the house.
Third thing that made him angry.

4. Ever since that fight between Frank and Willie, it seems that most of the House is against him except for his teammates.
Fourth thing that made him angry.

5. Brittany doesn’t want Shane and Jojo to be associated with Willie.
To her, Willie was an embarrassment and tries to distance her and the others away from him: to not talk to him, not to be alone in the same room with him.
Fifth thing that probably made him upset and mad.

6. To me, I think that Brittany could’ve been a better coach to Willie (and you guys know that I love Brittany, she was one of my utmost favourites on BB12), and instead, she didn’t talk to him.

7. Willie goes up the HoH room and tells Boogie and Janelle and Frank and whoever else who was up there to tell them to stay away from Brittany and Jojo (which was SUUper nice of him) and to go after him, instead.
After all, he was the one that they were all trying to get out of the house.
He then says that he was gonna get evicted from the game before the Eviction (or Nomination?) ceremony.
I think that was maybe to scare them? I dunno. He then walks out.

7. Janelle is being a brat towards Willie (I don’t like Janelle) and first of all is really mean when she’s like “Well, I’m definitely gonna pick Willie.” when she won the Coach’s Competition to keep one of her players safe, which was Ashley.
Willie, Jojo (associated with Willie), Shane (seriously? That’s so unfair. Second have-not in a row.), and Ian (put his hand up to volunteer) were the Have-Nots for the week.
Guess who’s pissed?
Willie. Sixth thing.
Then she calls him a jerk which causes Willie to retort back and he goes back into the Have-Not room after eating some pork rinds (one of the Have-Not foods, the other one was pudding).
8. He walks around and then comes back out, with Brittany and Jojo still in the kitchen (I dunno where Shane is).
Joe (I really don’t like him, I don’t like a lot of players in this game which is disappointing), being a complete IDIOT, goes up and taunts Willie, getting up in his personal space. He must’ve taken the “being evicted before the Ceremony” thing literally.
At this rate, Willie’s a ticking time bomb. The fuse is sparkling and then he just exPLODES.
Something causes Joe to run away towards the bathroom (where Ian in a towel and maybe another person is in) and Willie chases after him, yelling “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” in a very angry tone, heavily pissed off.
Joe defends himself in a blocking position, I think? while Willie this time gets up in his face, their foreheads touching. Ian is yelling for help.
Willie then kinda does a flopping whack that didn’t look like it would hurt Joe, and he called it a “headbutt”.
After, Willie is called to the DR (Diary Room) and is then removed from the game.
“Violence is not tolerated in the Big Brother House”, says the Executive Producer, Ashley. I don’t know if that was actually her name. “The game will continue on as normal.”
Britney just lost a player.

9. I think Joe and Frank are both at fault for Willie’s actions: Frank for being a jerk and pissing Willie off and Joe for being an idiot and getting into Willie’s face first.

This is just my opinion, once again.

Wow, long Post! :O

But I’m not done yet. I’ve still to talk about today’s Episode.


Today’s episode.

I was quite anxious to see what had happened since last episode, wondering how the House was going about with Willie’s removal from the game.

When Shane and Jojo were put up on the Block, and was SO sad. πŸ˜₯

Two of Britney’s players, and they were teammates and best friends. πŸ˜₯

When Boogie had suggested to put up a pawn and Danielle or whatever, I don’t remember, I wanted Frank to make that move.
But he didn’t.

Anywhoos, the Veto competition.

When Jojo got all of her things right, I was so proud! :’) I clapped and smiled. But Ian beat her time with a correct score so it was only up to Shane.

Now, I had an itching sensation that Shane had won the Veto competition because of his tone in the DR. Was that just me?Β  lol anyways…



Man oh man… I was so proud of him too :’) I was like Brittany ahahaha if I was there I would’ve just jumped around and screamed and given him a big ol’ hug :’)

Anyways, he made an alliance with Frank and Boogie (they are strong players).. without telling Brittany or Jojo. Or Danielle.

I seriously hope Jojo stays in this game. I wasn’t that big a fan of Danielle, but I do feel sorry that she is the only player left on Dan’s team 😦 and she isn’t really aligned with anyone.

Ohohoh I cannot WAIT for tomorrow’s Live Eviction episode!


Thanks for reading this super long Post holy cruds. I hope this makes up for the others.

– Louise =]

P.S. For reference: http://yvonnemucci.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/birdhouses-watercolor/ – Looks quite realistic, no joke, when I saw it on Freshly Pressed, the little icon for the picture, it looked oh-so-real.


Japan beat Canada 2-1 in the Soccer game. 😦

Some athletes are taken out of the Olympics because of a racist comment and dosing? I dunno.



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