RS Computer Again, Sorry for the Inconvenience :S

14 Jul

Hello everybody! 🙂

I am now editing this Post at 9:00PM on July. 15th, 2012.

Just finished BB.

Anywhoos, I thought I’d talk about Friday and  Saturday with you guys 🙂

Friday at my friend’s house was a lotta fun and I thought her house was very nice 🙂

She moved back in September and it was my first time seeing the house so it was pretty cool 🙂

Her dog is just adorable, he kept on licking my face :-B

So let’s start at the beginning:

My friend Sarah and I got on the bus, then another, and then walked for an hour and a bit to our friend’s house.

There were very pretty mailboxes. 🙂

She met us on the way and walked with us and then we saw horses and petted them and I named them Jordan and Sadie haha!

I thought they were very nice and Sadie kept on nibbling? licking? her mouth on mine and it was funny :-B

Her dad found us petting them and gave us a ride to the back of his truck to her house so we didn’t have to walk the whole way there :-B

It was the FIRST TIME EVER that I have ever ridden at the back of the truck and it was really cool to feel your hair in the wind and the rushing and the feeling that you’re somewhat free because there are no seatbelts :-B

I took a Video Diary of it LOL I dunno if I’ll ever put my “Video Diaries” on YouTube but who knows? haha

So when we arrived at her house it was really nice and we ate food and drank soup and watched (well, they mostly did) Awkward and watched a teensy-bit of “Letters to Juliett” and ate popcorn and watched “Rush Hour 2” and sat on her porch and ate BBQ Chicken pizza and watched some recorded BB and Sarah and I got so flippin’ scared and we screamed like there was an axe murderer and we hid in the bathroom but our friend jiggled the doorknob and I screamed and stepped in the bathtub accidentally and my sock got wet then she walked on her roof and peeped up from the window and I screamed again along with Sarah and we hid behind the shower curtain and it was just flippin’ scary, dude!

^ Run-on sentence galore.

Alrighty I think I’m gonna head off now, hopefully we go to a Waffle Farm next week :-B

Byee! 🙂 Sorry again for the RS Computer.

– Louise =]

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