Stolen Items! Seriously?! You Have Drawn the Last Straw.

12 Jul

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. W. Somerset Maugham

I once again refer to this song: “Sweet As Whole” by Sara Barielles.

To my older sister, the one that has her named starting with a “K”: Hello. You have made yourself someone that I will probably be pissed off at for a very long time.

So last week or the week before that, I had let my mom know that I once owned some delicious mint cookies and when I checked the closet where I had stored them, they had DISAPPEARED.

I immediately rounded on my sister, because I knew she would have been the one to commit the crime, but she lied blatantly and no-one believe that she had stolen them.

Little did she know that when my dad phoned home this morning he said my laptop cable was missing.

I was confused. “What? I didn’t take it out. It’s always been there. What’re you talking about?”

“Well,” my dad had replied. “I didn’t see it this morning.”

I checked my laptop after I had given the phone to my mother.

IT WASN’T THERE. Just my laptop itself!

I ran upstairs to my sister’s room; the door was open.

I slipped right in and saw a laptop cord inside.

I bolted right back downstairs.

My sister was working out and I saw from her laptop that a cable was plugged in to her laptop!

Why in the world would she have two?!

Seriously?! She said she “bought another one”.

Oh my word! My sister would NEVER buy a laptop cord! Out of her own accord.

Ugh so I took back my cod, she has another one in her room, for goodness sake’s. She just wanted to take mine so she wouldn’t have to go back upstairs to grab hers.

She just took mine, hoping that I wouldn’t use it because I haven’t used my laptop in a while (long story) and then she might’ve just snuck it sneakily back inside my laptop.

Anywhoos, I decided to check her room for more clues.

I then found out she stole my cookies. I mean, what else is she stealing? A flippin’ robot to do all her dirty deeds?

Pfft! For reals! I am majorly pissed! I don’t know when I’ll be talking to her again.

I am willing to admit that I may be acting childishly, but I am just so annoyed with her; she had taken pleasure in bullying and teasing and embarrassing me ever she entered Gr. 7. Stop patronizing me. Geez.

Thanks for reading this angered post… hopefully a less angered one will come out tomorrow (if I’m home, that is!).

– Louise =]

P.S. On the other hand, something that has been keeping me content today is “Blood & Peanut Butter” by B.C. Camplight. Good song. What a song to get stuck in your head?

Try this one.

Oh boy. Chorus reminds me of Derek coming into the bar too late to discover that Meredith had already left. 😦

P.P.S. I have also discovered this song:

Stealing Food by Jay Foreman

P.P.P.S. I have also discovered this today as well, and I first stumbled upon it as an/a Ad/Commercial:

Joel Plaskett- Tough Love (Scrappy Happiness Video Contest)


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