New Post Tab is Awfully Neat and Thinking of Making a Movie Blog.

4 Jul

Hellooooooo everybody! 🙂

haha look at me, creating all these blogs. My Book Blog is out, it’s called “thereadsoflouise” LOL LOL LOL :’)

I’ll give you guys the link: :-B

Sorry the site title cracks me up :’)

Anywhoos, I am drinking soup once again (but my mom made this one, tastes like apples :O) and you can probably tell that I like soup :-B There’s meat in here. It tastes good. I think it’s chicken. I actually dunno. Pork? I think chicken.

Wells, I was thinking of making a movie Blog. How’s about that? 🙂 I took out a whole buncha movies from the Library (actually, four), and they seem interesting. Movie Reviews. Hmm. 🙂

That “New Post” Tab at the top of my site is pretty cool. This little top thing popped up. Really neat.

:-B Wells, I might edit this Post later because it’s only 3:00PM, so hopefully talk to you guys again! 🙂


– Louise =]


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